Vivek Dinodiya

Vivek Dinodiya

Integrity, innovation, and constant learning are the hallmarks of Vivek’s leadership philosophy. As the head of PL Global Impex Pte Ltd., he firmly believes that integrity is the foundation of any successful business, and he works tirelessly to maintain it in all aspects of his work. With a keen eye for potential risks and opportunities, he fosters an environment of calculated risk-taking and innovation. Most importantly, he understands that learning is a never-ending journey, and he approaches each day with a growth mindset, always looking for new ways to evolve.


The business was originally established by Vivek’s grandfather in India, and subsequently, his father relocated it to Myanmar in 1993. Vivek officially became part of the business in 2012, and has since been involved in various projects across Southeast Asia.

PL Global Impex Ltd is not just any ordinary import and export trading firm. It is a powerhouse that exudes excellence in all aspects of its operations, boasting an unrivalled expertise in numerous infrastructure-based projects, a sprawling global distribution network, top-notch restaurants, and a strong presence in the dynamic manufacturing and service industries.

With Vivek at the helm, the organisation has undergone a remarkable transformation, expanding its reach and influence. His leadership has seen the company boldly venture into new territories and markets, establishing a formidable presence in the West through strategic partnerships and ventures.

The young leader has set his sights on long-term growth for his business with a focus on expanding both its value and volume. He is exploring new opportunities in the western hemisphere to tap new markets and considering expanding the company’s distribution network to two or three new countries. This will allow the business to expand its customer base and market share, while also building stronger relationships with suppliers and partners in these regions.


Vivek believes that success can only be attained through relentless daily efforts. His hands-on approach and indomitable spirit serve as an inspiration to all those who seek to achieve greatness. As a leader, he has instilled in his team a deep sense of ethical awareness. With his inspiring enthusiasm, he has created a culture of loyalty and trust that is second to none. He ensures that everyone is treated fairly and with respect in the organisation. He has developed policies and practices that promote gender equality, eliminate racial bias, and ensure that promotions are based strictly on merit.


Vivek believes that true success comes not only from profits, but also from making a positive impact on society. With this conviction, he has integrated CSR activities into his business strategies. He has also built strong relationships with suppliers and customers alike, establishing the company as a frontrunner in the industry.

From “Achievement Awards” to “Volume-based Awards” to “Sales-based awards,” PL Global Impex Ltd, under Vivek’s leadership, has been recognised time and again for its outstanding performance and commitment to excellence. To him, these awards are a testament to the hard work and dedication of his team, and a reflection of the strong relationships that they have built with their partners and customers over the years.