Most Influential Women



When you have a parent who is a famous jurist and most of your dinner table conversations revolve around the on-going legal cases, it is quite natural to pick up the finer nuances of the art and go on to become a prolific lawyer.

Zia Mody, the daughter of the former Attorney General, Soli Sorabjee did the same and went on to become an incontrovertible leader of the corporate law in India. She is a principal authority on corporate merger and acquisition law as Managing Partner of AZB Partners, which deals the Tatas, the Ambanis and the Birlas.

Mody’s commitment to her work is admirable and her clients swear by her legal acumen and work ethics. Mody is one of the very few women in India who went abroad to study in the celebrated Harvard Law School.

But it was after returning to India that Mody faced the bitter truth. The male dominant courtroom was not very hospitable to the women folks. Mody faced the challenge head-on. She got driven by her immense desire to succeed and make a mark.

Gradually the lady, through her determination and hard work, has reached a milestone, and in our day stands at the epitome of success.