4th Edition Women Empowerment Entrepreneur Awards 2019

It is a widely recognized fact that talent is genderless and an inclusive environment which nurtures a diverse workforce makes any organization more productive, innovative, agile and more receptible to the internal as well as the external environment. In sync with UN Women, we are dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women, while endeavouring towards accelerating progress on meeting their needs worldwide.

AsiaOne’s Women Empowerment Entrepreneur Awards is our attempt to recognize not only the achievements of ambitious women who have left indelible impressions of glory in their respective spheres owing to their determination, perseverance and passion to make it big, but also their efforts in helping economies thrive, spurring their productivity and growth.

In our bid to select the phenomenal and the prodigious, we take into account the extent of their influence, impact, success and contribution towards the improvement of society, economy and the world in general; based on each candidate’s innovative ideas and practices, business acumen, and the spirited contribution towards the welfare of humanity. Our exclusive list of “AsiaOne Women Empowerment Awardees” comprises entrepreneurs and social leaders from diverse spheres who have elegantly graced the pedestal of success with their wisdom, grandeur and charisma, while we merely mirror their reflection of influence, impact and spirit that these top-notch personalities are creating the world over.

How “AsiaOne Women Empowerment Entrepreneurs” are Chosen?

“AsiaOne Women Empowerment Entrepreneurs” are chosen annually through a passionate research, in which URS-AsiaOne’s Editorial Team and the Research Team scout 16 industries worldwide to select only the most worthy from an unceasing list of contenders. After a wide and in-depth research, we painstakingly create an exclusive list of special winners for our “AsiaOne Women Empowerment Entrepreneurs” IPR. UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL COMPACT and THE WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT PRINCIPLES logo and text rights are part of the awards to the final winning brands & leaders.