Bharatiya Mahanatam Vikas Puraskar

India, our motherland, is known for its greatness since ancient times! It has produced innumerable noble leaders who have invariably toiled to bring it glory and development! Driven by exceptional leaders and their phenomenal vision, our country continues to achieve spectacular success in diverse spheres of economy, politics, society and culture. Since the independence of our country, exceptional leaders have continued to generate incredible ideas to further our growth and create a special place for India in the world.

We are the largest democratic nation and the fastest-growing major economy in the world. We are expected to become one of the top three economic powers of the world over the next 10-15 years. We are already the world’s seventh-largest economy by nominal GDP and the third-largest economy by purchasing power parity (PPP). As one of the most promising economies in the world, we are also the third most attractive destination for investments in the world.

Sure enough, India is going to drive the world economic engine in the future. Led by leaders of great vision, our burgeoning youth is the world’s future. They hold the promise of a dynamic and prosperous India through their youthful entrepreneurship. In their journey and cause, they will be led by the same extraordinary torchbearers whose constant endeavours have brought India to a position of zenith today.

Bharatiya Mahanatam Vikas Puraskar (Trademarked)

Such extraordinary leaders deserve exclusive recognition, from an exceptional organization! We are proud to have already felicitated more than 2200 exemplary leaders in the course of our 14 international summits from diverse domains such as Business, Sports, Education, Lifestyle, Politics and Society for their unparalleled contribution towards building the nation.

A new India is emerging, and the credit unreservedly goes to such extraordinary leaders of vision and calibre, who have displayed inimitable vigour in the expansion of business, flourishing of industry and growth of our economy. In their pursuit of excellence, intentionally and unintentionally, they have been creating the next line of outstanding leaders who are eager to walk the path of their role models and carry their mantles.

AsiaOne’s Bharatiya Mahanatam Vikas Puraskar (BMVP) is custom-made for such extraordinary leaders who have dedicated their lives to the greatest development of Asia! These extraordinary leaders would be felicitated at the 11th edition of World’s Greatest Brands and Leaders 2023.

How BMVP Will Be Chosen?

As Bharatiya Mahanatam Vikas Puraskar is for extraordinary leaders of the highest order, mavericks of each industry sector and various social spheres would be nominated by our prestigious council of more than 40 Jury Members who have actively and ingeniously helped us felicitate more than 2300 exemplary leaders in the course of our 19 international summits.

Nominations would be made from 16 industries – one each from Automotive, Education, Energy & Power, Finance, Food & Beverages, Healthcare, Household Products, Infrastructure, IT & Telecom, Lifestyle, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Personal Care, Real Estate, Retail and Services.

Participation of the masses, through public polling and involvement of consumers & industry, would add merit to the selection process. For final scoring and selections, we would indulge the top 50 Iconic leaders of our past 19 summits, who belong to multiple industries and have already been featured by AsiaOne.

As a matter of fact, Bharatiya Mahanatam Vikas Puraskar is the only non-governmental initiative comprising jury scoring, public polling and a scientific research methodology, which is skilfully chiselled by the research experts of URS Media and AsiaOne Magazine.

What BMVP Offers You?

It offers you a host of distinguished benefits:

Prestigious Felicitation: The final winners would be deservingly recognized at the 11th edition of World’s Greatest Brands and Leaders 2023, which will be aired on a top English news channel on 07-08 June and 14-15 June 2023. Editorial Feature: The final winners would be part of the Cover Story with a double-spread feature in the July-Aug special issue of AsiaOne Magazine, the only pan-Asia business & news magazine with a distribution across Asia.

Online Coverage: Features on our websites: would be published.

Speaker’s Slot: You would be an eminent speaker at the 11th edition of World’s Greatest Brands and Leaders 2023. .

Exclusive Seven-minute TV Broadcast: Exclusive seven minutes’ TV episodes featuring the final winners would be broadcast within six weeks of event date on Hindi business & news channel, Zee Business or India News.

Exclusive One-minute Video Broadcast: One-minute video on AsiaOne Android & iPhone App with repetition for one month would be broadcast.