Geeta Maurya

Geeta Maurya

Ms. Maurya is a renowned leader in the field of education. With a rich experience of more than 25 years in the sector, she has been leaving no stone unturned in making education more multifaceted and inclusive. In the past, she has contributed as a faculty member at the physics department at NES College, Mumbai.


Ms. Maurya has made pedagogy her strength, and with the same tool, she desires to meet bigger aspirations. She stepped into the world of entrepreneurship by helping students find out their passion. For 15 years, she has been passionately following her beliefs by imparting education. She understood the lack of educational resources and their reach, and therefore, envisioned a digital learning ecosystem to bridge the gaps in learning. For Ms. Maurya and her adept team members, the objective was to make learning easily accessible to all students irrespective of their backgrounds.


Following her vision, Ms. Maurya established Studi.Live in Mumbai. Her decades of experience as a teacher helped her come up with a step by step plan to facilitate learning digitally and to make it affordable for students. She brought the best teachers on board, emphasized content quality and lucidity, and deployed the latest technology for seamless delivery of lectures. Studi.Live became a ground for an excellent and innovative learning experience. With live and interactive sessions, the platform has provided sundry preparatory courses for prestigious competitive exams like IIT JEE, NEET, and Olympiads. It also offers online live lectures for middle and high school students. Her long-term goal has been to reach the lengths and breadths of the country by supporting the students in achieving their goals. Tutoring the students across the states with less cost has been the challenge taken up by her and the team. Studi.Live also offers free lectures, demo classes, and study material to ensure participation of students from underprivileged backgrounds.


Ms. Maurya believes that a good leader always focuses on growth, communication, adaptability, and team members. She has always endeavoured to create a sense of unity and belongingness among the staff, teachers, and students. Her leadership skills were put to test during the pandemic, which has pushed teachers to adapt to newer ways of imparting education, however without any preparation. Keeping her promise to creating a change in society by supporting education, she provided ample job opportunities for teachers to enhance and support their careers through her venture. To sail through the lowest point of her career in the pandemic, Ms. Maurya wanted to generate employment opportunities for those who had lost their jobs.


With time, Ms. Maurya had to face numerous challenges to achieve her goals. However, she not only overcame the odds but also thrived amidst them. To start Studi.Live, a new training format had to be developed to make teachers adapt to digital teaching and learning. Besides, a robust technical infrastructure was essential. These were money-intensive requirements that proved to be a challenge for her. However, her spirit to work harder and conquer the hurdles made sure that the resources were available. Today, she is immensely proud of herself and her team, who moved heaven and earth to achieve empowering goals. Thus, she has been creating learning opportunities for not only students and but aspiring teachers as well by setting up examples.