Mahesh Patil

Mahesh Patil

With over 14 years of stellar professional experience in the Oil & Gas, Construction industry behind him, Mr. Mahesh Patil joined the Horizon International Group of Industries in 2017 as the Managing Director. The role was challenging and different from what he had done before but he took the challenge head-on. He worked tirelessly to put his expertise to good use and transform the conglomerate’s journey. With his hard work and dedication, he won new stakeholders for the business while maintaining a strong association with all existing ones. He utilized every opportunity that came his way fully and enabled a transformation in the way business was conducted at the Horizon Group. He maximized efficiency and pushed innovation to achieve the desired results. He delivered on his mandate and brought the Horizon Group to an all-new level.


Courageous and unfazed by challenges, Mr. Patil has a proven track record of forming lasting strategic alliances and changing the course of growth wherever he has worked. He maintains the pace of his unrelenting work by getting his own hands dirty. He works like a team member and not a boss. Another too that has helped him maintain a robust work culture is clear and open communication. He firmly believes that communication is one of his greatest strengths. He leads his team by facilitating open communication and tries to bring out the best in every team member. A true leader, Mr. Patil becomes one with his team to get results. In his team, every opinion is heard and respected, and that is one of his key mantras to keep the teams moving towards the larger goals.


Mr. Patil had the expertise and the vision but to translate those ideas into tangible results was no easy feat. Through effectively crafted business plans and a result-oriented approach, Mr. Patil not only achieved his targets but exceeded them. He ensured that the company is operating as cost-effectively as possible so that it can withstand the economic pressures. It was his mission to make the Horizon Group a frontrunner in the industry with exemplary service to all the clients, and he achieved it with his determination and carefully crafted business strategies. It was his relentless work that has helped the Horizon Group grow 25-30 % year on year and from manpower strength of 150 in 2016 to a current number of 1150 and growing. Mr. Patil also led the diversification of the business into multiple other sectors like oil and gas, international recruitment, eco-friendly products, trading, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Information Technologies and Immigration Services.

However, the most innovative initiative led by Mr. Patil has been HiresGulf. An online job portal, HiresGulf is one of his most praiseworthy innovations. With the use of artificial intelligence-based technologies that offer a one-stop solution for both employers as well as job seekers, HiresGulf has become a game-changer for the industry. HiresGulf is one of the most user-friendly web Application and Mobile Applications is available to download in English & Arabic from iOS, Android & App Gallery. It has databases from Asia, the Middle East, European, and the African region. It was started with a vision to be the leading online job portal that covers all of these geographies. Another impactful initiative, led by Mr. Patil is the new arm where Horizon started manufacturing masks, bags, etc. during the pandemic. Mr. Patil realized the huge gap between the demand and supply of masks during the Covid pandemic and decided to step in. He led the formation of a new unit at Horizon that started manufacturing Eco-Friendly products such as Masks, shopping Bags, etc that were made from recycling waste products.


The pandemic brought with it a set of unique challenges for each and every one. For an enterprise like Horizon Group, it was a very difficult time. To sustain in an unprecedented time when most of the projects were stalled and the workforce was idle, it was crucial to survive and come out of it without sinking. Once again, Mr. Patil and his team stepped in and salvaged the situation with a strategic approach. Through this well-thought plan, Mr. Patil was able to recover 85% of the company’s sales revenue.


Mr. Patil has been recognized time and again for his vision and his entrepreneurial streak. He brings to his work a go-getter attitude and attention to detail which has made him the recipient of appreciation from all quarters. In 2020, he was named the Best Entrepreneur for the successful launching of HiresGulf, an Online Job Portal. This award was given to him awarded by Horizon International Group. The previous year he was also awarded for Outstanding Performance and Leadership by Horizon International Group. In his previous assignments as well, he has been a recipient of various awards. In the year 2016, he was awarded in appreciation of Global Visionary Guidance & Exceptional Leadership by Delta Recruitment. At Smou Group, he was the Excellent Performer in 2014 and Employee of the Year in 2013.


Mr. Patil is now looking to lead Horizon’s growth into many other geographies including the UK, Canada, and the Philippines. He is looking to add new lines that will serve wider areas of industrial prospects and will give Horizon the leverage to cover additional markets. Under his leadership and guidance, Horizon International Group is also looking to launch its Chartered Accountancy Firm in the UAE. This new arm will provide professional financial services like auditing, taxation, accounting, financial analysis, risk management, and consultancy services on financial structures to varied businesses.


He is also a strong advocate of robust CSR policies. He feels CSR is incredibly important to create a stronger brand image and recognition in the industry. He also implemented best practices and policies for sound corporate governance by executing good ethical practices, innovative strategies, and fair and transparent work culture. He is inspired by his grandfather who wanted him to stay strong in difficult situations. Lately, he has been featured in Khaleej Times and The Energy Year.