Sandeep Gupta

Sandeep Gupta


Under Sandeep’s leadership as Chief Executive Officer, e’Clat has emerged as the market leader in aesthetic skincare products. With his relentless efforts, he has brought about a revolution in India’s skincare market by developing a wholesome skincare range. His products are known for addressing various skin problems such as acne, hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.

Sandeep hails from a typical middle-class family in Jaipur. After completing graduation in Biotechnology, he pursued a MBA program post which he started his own pharma company in 2001. He founded e’Clat in 2015. Since then, there has been no looking back. Under his stellar leadership, e’Clat is making waves in the global facial serum market. Because of his relentless efforts, the e’Clat has been consistently setting new benchmarks of success. Presently, e’Clat is trusted not only by skin-conscious women but also recommended by renowned dermatologists in India.


Sandeep ensures his products are effective and yet affordable to the consumers. He takes all possible measures for maintaining consistent product quality at all levels. He, along with his team ensures the delivery of quality skincare solutions to customers all the time. Research and Development (R&D) forms an essential aspect of e’Clat Superior. Sandeep leads an efficient R&D team that puts special emphasis on manufacturing high-quality skincare products that are effective as well as skin-friendly. The R&D team also ensures the use of the best ingredients for formulating the final product.

What’s more, Sandeep has pioneered several innovative and results-driven skincare ingredients, including Glutathione.


Sandeep has a team of competent and passionate employees consisting of pharmacists, researchers, dermatologists, and skincare bloggers. He ensures the promotion and integration of the best practices in his business to keep his team motivated and bring goodwill to his organization. With such broad horizons and strong core values of honesty, integrity, and team spirit, his success is rightfully deserved.


Sandeep has built a truly expansive customer base. He proudly caters to a global clientele and is expanding his global footprint steadily. All the products from the house of e’Clat are adorned with a ‘Made in India’ tag. He strongly believes in exceeding customer expectations to keep up with the global competition.

Sandeep is currently focusing on launching a skincare range of products for men. He aims at grabbing the major market share in the men’s grooming segment. At the same time, the ambitious leader is planning to set up multi-brand offline stores soon.


Sandeep values his customers’ opinions, feedback, and suggestions. He believes that businesses that listen to their customers grow faster. He considers customer feedback as a powerful tool for enhancing customer satisfaction and gaining crucial insights. He takes all possible measures to his customers’ needs for developing holistic skincare products.


Sandeep is a compassionate leader who believes in giving back to society. He regularly participates in campaigns and programs designed for the welfare of aged people as well as specially abled people.

He contributes a portion of his income to the noble causes of eradicating hunger and aiding the blind. He also actively participates in green campaigns to save the planet.