Dr. Minnie Bodhanwala

Dr. Minnie Bodhanwala


Dr. Minnie Bodhanwala is a true visionary, who possesses an innate talent for nurturing nascent ideas and transforming them into realities. In November 2012, amidst a daunting crisis at Wadia Hospitals, she fearlessly embraced the role of CEO, recognising the magnitude of the challenge before her. Embracing this formidable test with steady fortitude, she commenced a meticulous journey of streamlining transformation of the two charitable Wadia hospitals. She fearlessly embraces a realistic mindset as she navigates the intricate web of everyday challenges. It is this resolute disposition that serves as her firm compass, guiding her to triumphant victories over the most formidable tasks with unyielding precision.

Dr. Bodhanwala firmly upholds the belief that embracing challenges and calculated risks, fostering cohesive teamwork, and adopting a pragmatic mindset are indispensable qualities for success. She asserts that these qualities are not innate but rather acquired through experiential learning and the wisdom gained from one’s own mistakes.


At the crux of Dr. Bodhanwala’s visionary aspirations lay a profound long-term objective of fostering an affordable and universally accessible healthcare landscape, steadfastly upholding strong standards of quality and treatment. Aligned with the esteemed vision of India’s G20 Presidency, she endeavours to forge a comprehensive framework that mitigates disparities in healthcare availability across the globe, fostering a future where the doors of healing remain open to all, regardless of their origins or circumstances.

The inspirational and visionary leader firmly upholds the notion that presenting advancements and progress in the realm of healthcare to the global stage serves as a chance of paramount significance.

It presents one the opportunity to share knowledge, resources, and experiences with others, helping to make healthcare more accessible and equitable. It also encourages the development of new techniques and treatments to better serve the needs of all people.


Dr. Bodhanwala also assumes the esteemed position of Advisor to the Chairman of Wadia Group, offering her expertise in overseeing and shaping the Group’s CSR initiatives. Furthermore, she serves as an Advisor to Impact India Foundation, an organisation dedicated to making a significant societal impact. As a trustee of the esteemed Modern Education Society, which manages seven reputable colleges in Mumbai and Pune, she actively contributes to the advancement of education. Her philanthropic endeavours extend further as a Trustee of the Britannia Nutrition Foundation, Sir Ness Wadia Foundation, FED, FEDT, and FEDC, where she plays a key role in fostering positive change and promoting the well-being of communities.


Dr. Bodhanwala’s remarkable journey has garnered international acclaim as one of the eminent leaders recognised by Globes India. Additionally, she has earned a coveted place among the 25 Health Leaders in India, further solidifying her eminence in the domain. Her exceptional prowess has even captured the attention of prestigious institutions like Harvard TN Chance School, where she was invited to participate in the distinguished “Women on Board’’ program.