Mr. Adityaraj Shah

Mr. Adityaraj Shah

There is nothing that is impossible if one has firm faith in one’s own convictions and a rock-strong determination to achieve one’s goals. These two factors are the basic elements that form the roots of any successful enterprise. The Group Chairman and CEO of Shree Hatkeshwara Group, Mr. Adityaraj Shah demonstrates these very qualities and more.

He has not only been a successful entrepreneur but an inspirational personality. He has fought against many odds to reach the pinnacle of success, and never let any adversity stop him. His consistent efforts to attain new horizons of success have made Shree Hatkeshwara a prominent name in the transportation and logistics industry. He is now working hard to make a mark in the multi-model transportation and logistics industry.


A bachelor’s in commerce, Mr. Adityaraj Shah started his professional journey by owning and driving around a single milk tanker in 1991. This humble beginning went on to become a journey that is now the source of inspiration for others.

With a visionary outlook, Mr. Shah decided to grow his business as a model surface transportation and logistics brand. He built his fleet strength-by-strength, by getting together thousands of people, and today his company is counted amongst the topmost names in the industry.

Today, the group has a fleet of more than 1500 vehicles, including Trucks, Bulkers, and LPG/ Propane Tankers. Shree Hatkeshwara even went international in 2018 as it opened a branch in Baltimore, Maryland, USA with 18 tractors and 54 trailers.

The group has also started backward integration by becoming an Authorised Dealer for JK tires.

Mr. Shah achieved this feat with punctuality, sincerity, integrity, hard work, effective, high-service standards and timedefinite delivery. His clients never faced even a single moment of disappointment with his services.

He always kept a close vigil on all the aspects of the business, be it within the headquarters or any issues related to the moving fleet, and ensured that no string remains loose in creating a strong chain of successful enterprising.

He personally interacted with his employees and tried to inculcate the same beliefs and morals into them. His close association with every single member of his team resulted in them being passionate about their work and that remains one of the corks driving the splendid voyage of the group ahead.


Among the industry, Mr. Adityaraj Shah is known as a very dynamic personality with a great understanding of business. A visionary, Mr. Shah has commanded a very distinct level of respect and integrity within the competitive market. He is a role model to many of his counterparts and is always available for quick suggestions and solutions for problems.

According to him, the most important quality one should have to be a leader is being loyal and trustworthy. Therefore, he ensures that all his business ventures are run with integrity and honesty. He has gained a massive amount of trust from his partners and clients because of his nature.

Mr. Shah works with the core belief that one must always strive to be better today than yesterday and believes the one mantra that the Military teaches ‘sweat more during training to bleed less in war’. With these thoughts and virtues, he has always tried to strive for the best and succeed.

Apart from that, Mr. Shah is a very sharp entrepreneur who believes that there is no scope of making any mistake while running a business. He says that every day in his career has been a high point. Each decision taken for Shree Hatkeshwara Group has been with the thought that it will decide the survival of the company. He encourages the management to always make decisions considering that many people are dependent on the company and its success.

According to him, the fact driving his group’s success is that they have put the right person at the right place and have ensured equal distribution of authority, responsibility, and accountability is the key to good governance. He has implemented the Maker-Checker policy in each department, thus allowing errorless and smooth functioning with the stakeholders.


It is always said that behind a successful man is a woman, but for Mr. Shah it was a woman who stood not behind but beside him, through every thick and thin. He chose her as her life partner but she seamlessly evolved into a highly reliable business partner as well. Today, Mr. Shah attributes his success to her support and hard work.

Mrs. Sujata Adityaraj Shah has been a great source of strength for this entrepreneur d’avenir. She joined hands with him as a very dedicated business partner and helped him sail through even the most troublesome of waters.

Mr. Shah is forever grateful for the support that his better half has extended towards his business venture and her selfless dedication towards making the company the sort of success it is today.

It has been their great partnership that has made Shree Hatkeshwara Group receive various awards for the best performance from its customers. The group has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Promising Hire Carrier Service Providers consecutively for 2018 and 2019 by top agencies.

The duo is continuously working hard to keep multiplying the massive success they have attained and continuously look forward to evolving their business strategies with the changing times. They have seamlessly inculcated all the new technology and leadership trends in their style and believe that the only way to move forward is keeping fuelling their movement with newer ideas and tools.