Pankaj Jain

Pankaj Jain

Pankaj is a technologist by education and an entrepreneur by passion. He holds a BE degree from Nagpur University and a Diploma in Advanced Computing from CDAC-Pune. In addition, he is a Pega systems Certified Lead System Architect (CLSA), Certified Methodology Black Belt (CMBB), and Certified CPM (Customer Process Management) Architect. With this stellar educational background and over20 years of experience working with global companies and helping them maximize value from their IT investments, Pankaj started Aaseya in 2017 with a vision to implement rapid digital transformation for customers.


As a forward-thinking leader, Pankaj believes in leading by example. He co-founded Aaseya with the ambition of becoming the industry’s leading value-centric Low Code No Code services provider. And, within a very short time, was able to guide the company to become an undisputed leader in the low-code space. His unwavering efforts have ensured that Aaseya is today counted among the fastest-growing Pega partners worldwide. Within five years of its inception, he has led Aaseya to become a 500+ people organisation, providing cutting-edge solutions to its customers on the Pega and OutSystems platforms. Over the next four years, he aspires to grow the company to a 2000+ person enterprise. At Aaseya, Pankaj has formed a team of like minded people who work together to provide unparalleled customer service. Pankaj leads the company’s executive leadership team, ensuring that Aaseya can meet complex demands in different geographies. Not one to watch from the side, Pankaj has personally led large implementation teams at Aaseya, putting his experience in the BFSI, Telecom, Retail, and Manufacturing domains to guide the teams. Under his leadership, the team has supported over 80 production go-lives and continues delivering transformational results for their customers. He believes continuous innovation is essential for growing and sustaining an organisation. As a tech savvy leader passionate about leveraging technology, Pankaj has always aspired to help Aaseya customers stay ahead of the curve and maintain a competitive edge. He believes that while LCNC and Automation are still in their infancy, their potential for exploration and advancement is massive. As a result, he is constantly exploring and utilising the power of Pega and OutSystems technologies to analyze and innovate on how Aaseya can better serve its customers.


According to Pankaj, team spiritis an essential element that creates an organization’s DNA. As a values-driven leader, he is guided by honesty, consistency, and humility. Many of his colleagues praise how he supports and encourages his team to accomplish their tasks with dedication and enthusiasm. And while his role as the company’s figurehead entails enormous responsibilities toward customers, Pankaj prioritizes the happiness and welfare of Aaseya employees. No surprise then that you will often find him ideating and spending time identifying improvement opportunities for both Aaseya customers and employees. Pankaj believes in and aims to foster an open culture at Aaseya that respects and values individual contributions and empowers employees to ideate, innovate, and execute. Design thinking workshops, creativity sessions, and other creative endeavours are actively encouraged by him to inspire employees to be innovative. According to him, the Aaseya leadership team and its parent organisation, YASH Technologies, have provided him with excellent guidance in his leadership role. He explains, “Aaseya and Yash’s business strategy have inspired me to invest in qualitative and quantitative research solutions to build internal processes, deliverables, and client services. Consequently, we have developed several assets, solutions, and accelerators to continuously improve our services and products and drive innovation for our customers, thus helping them gain a competitive edge.” Under his direction, the company has also invested in creating centres of excellence in Digital Process Automation, Business Process Management, and CRM.


Pankaj thrives on growth and is driven by his desire to succeed. His leadership and organisation skills make him stand out from the crowd. His relentless efforts led to the company expanding into more than ten countries in a short time. He was once referred to as ”Superman” by a client at a significant event in the US for effortlessly reversing an adverse situation affecting many Aaseya clients and customers in multiple countries and delivering large, complex, and government-regulated systems on time.


Pankaj was awarded the CEO of the Year Award by Indian Achievers for his inspiring leadership in 2020. Under his leadership, Aaseya received Pega’s Client Innovation Award for Social Responsibility for his steadfast efforts.

It was also named a significant contender in Pega Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021 by Everest Group. Last but not least, it was featured in the Top 10 Pega Service Providers Report by HFS Research. Not one to take the credit, Pankaj attributes his accomplishments to his team members, who bring laurels to the company.


Pankaj believes in fostering a culture of social responsibility and creating a business that benefits society. To that effect, Aaseya’s CSR policies focus on four key areas: education, environment, inclusive economic development, and health & nutrition. Furthermore, Pankaj encourages his team to proactively participate in social activities and impact the world positively. His team and the YASH Social Welfare Foundation (the CSR wing of YASH Technologies) regularly collaborate on initiatives such as introducing interactive learning tools in schools, planting trees, offering weekend schools, donation drives, and much more.