Navayuga World School

Navayuga World School

Established in 2019, Navayuga World School believes in helping its students develop a progressive mindset. The school’s education is guided by its purpose and principles of humility, sensitivity, poise, and balance, helping its students being fearless learners.


Navayuga World School places its students at the centre of all teaching and learning activities. The school follows a progressive pedagogy where learning is not bound within the four walls of a classroom and finds meaning in real life applications and experiences.

Concepts are developed and honed through project-based learning and thematic approaches across grades where students have the opportunity to delve deeper into the concepts.

Navayuga World School will soon be affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education and aims to provide its students with a well-integrated curriculum to deliver the highest standards of internationally recognized curricula.The forward-thinking school promotes a global outlook where students and teachers can ethically engage with each other. The teacher-student ratio is maintained at 1:10 toensure differential learning is addressed and no child is left behind in the process.


The school located in a sprawling lush green 8-acre wi-fi campus offers an ideal, safe and personalized learning environment. Well-ventilated and airconditioned classrooms are equipped with projectors and state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure. The campus has a huge dining area where students are served well-balanced, nutritious meals every day. It also has a multi-purpose hall, a play area, and studios for art, dance, and music.


Navayuga World School believes in continuous efforts to improve and innovate. The school applies the best practices from across the globe and international curriculum in its classrooms to provide the perfect blend of academic and co-curricular activities in the teaching learning process at NWS.

NWS takes pride in being a ‘reading school’ where reading is nurtured and not imposed. Also as part of the language curriculum at NWS, students are not bound to a single resource material or book, instead they have a list of novels of various genres as part of their course work for the year. While the language course inculcates the love for literature, the Mathematics program emphasizes the understanding of concepts rather than focusing on meaningless drills. Teachers with a vast scope of experience across curricula mentor students to enjoy learning in a fearless, happy environment.


Co-curricular activities such as art, dance and instrumental music are equally important to the holistic development of students at NWS. The school stands for value creation and imbibes in its students an equal appreciation for intellect, wisdom and talent. It offers excellent sporting facilities with specialized coaches for Tennis, Football, Cricket and Basketball. Students also have the special opportunity to train in Sailing, Horse Riding, and Golf.