Most Influential Women



Being the first Chairwoman of the World’s biggest watch company, Swatch, speaks volumes about Nayla Hayek. This lavishing beauty took over Swatch after the death of her father in 2010. Instrumental in attracting and retaining the best watch designs in the industry, she plays an important part in the growth of the Swatch Group.

She has evolved the concept of watches from being a necessity to collectible items. Luxury watch makers are slowly taking over the market, and understanding the need of the hour Swatch has teamed up with several ventures in a deal worth $1billion, enabling it to serve the upmost class with refined watches.

Nayla Hayek has built these luxury timepieces an item of panache and premium mechanism to give the users best-in-class time-keepers. Under her leadership, Swatch plans to grow from 20 Harry Winston boutiques to 30 by the end of 2015. Believing in the ideology of her father that if you are not sure don’t buy, last year she picked up the world’s largest immaculate blue diamond in her hand with utmost surety to nurture the big stone for life.