Most Influential Women



What greater testament for success would one need than to be the President of Intel India? However, Intel happened to Kumud Srinivasan by chance, as her husband was shifting base to Albuquerque and there was no other employment option for Kumud. She decided to join the company for the initial years, but soon got so engrossed in the work that Intel proved to be her only employer till date.

Having served Intel for 28 years, this avid reader strongly believes that success has to be defined on one’s own terms, nobody else can define it for you.
Her success story is pillared on persistence, prioritization and support. She thinks that because she was determined towards her career, she was able to judge the need of the hour in the best manner. She never fails to pay her gratitude to her family and husband who stood by her in her prospering years.

This Economics graduate also chairs the position of General Manager in the Intel Architecture Group, and engages with the community in several ways. She likes to shares her own experiences with other women to inspire them, so they may also come forth and pursue their career with zeal.