Nimisha Brahmbhatt

Nimisha Brahmbhatt

Nimisha is a renowned independent management consultant with over 15 years of experience and a cross-border career in consulting for numerous world-class energy, healthcare, and finance companies. Through her rich career graph, Nimisha has developed a deep understanding of how organizations can work together to promote enterprise growth and meaningful impact-building within societies worldwide. Her multiple entrepreneurial initiatives have designed innovative and disruptive business operating models to help her clients future-proof their businesses. She has also helped her clients create 10X stakeholder value through secure funding and effective change management strategies.


She and her team at Quantum Global Consultants (QGC) work with business owners and C-Suite leaders to explore avenues of change, growth and innovation. The company combines digital experience and leading IoT/technology to help businesses predict and adapt to a constantly shifting business landscape. Nimisha also helps the clients address key challenges in their industry, such as customer expectations, adapting to market and regulatory changes, and delivering sustainable business models, to maintain shareholder value and market relevance. QGC provides a suite of services, which include, but are not limited to customer value proposition development, advanced tech strategy, project, program & portfolio management and finally deployment of technology across client ecosystems. Besides Quantum Global Consultants, she has founded 2 more renowned companies. The first of which is a sister company to QGC, ‘Quantum Venture Partners’ (QVP). This company provides strategic advisory and capital raising support to pioneering start-ups and founders working at the helm of technology and social change. QVP provides disruptive start-ups consultancy and partnering through incubation, venture development, capital raising, commercialization, preparing for effective market entry and finally scale. QVP is currently working towards building a impact fund, that will support high value, high growth enterprises that are leveraging technology to solve environmental and social challenges.

The third is ‘Leaving A Legacy’, a social enterprise, with a mission to restore one-billion hectares of degraded terrestrial and under water land, around the world. The team does this through initiating and supporting grass-root environmental projects to address the world’s ever-growing environmental challenges head-on by delivering top-down and bottom-up changes within local communities. However her most recent investment as an Angel investor, see’s her as Co-founder of ‘Innozyne Ltd.,’ a deep tech firm, that is leveraging AI, namely the neural-net principle to create solutions to the ongoing mental health crisis globally. Currently Innozyne is working on the launch of an AI service, which is aimed at reducing the wait time for patients suffering mental health conditions, between diagnosis and treatment. Nimisha deploys her own personal capital to companies enabling environmental conservation, healthcare accessibility, energy efficiency and management, and transition to permaculture.


She is a Board Member of the Prince’s Trust RISE Initiative growing the network, and developing fundraising initiatives. Furthermore she is a Trustee of the Becoming X Foundation, ensuring the foundation delivers to its mandate and achieves its ‘case for change’ to educate one-million children across Africa with softer skills not necessarily taught in schools.