Senegal’s New Prime Minister Is Political Firebrand Ousmane Sonko

Senegal’s New Prime Minister Is Political Firebrand Ousmane Sonko

Ousmane Sonko, the new prime minister of Senegal, who is well-known for rallying youth support, succeeded his ally Bassirou Diomaye Faye in securing the presidency. The appointment was made just hours after Faye was sworn in as president of the country in West Africa after winning the election on March 25 by a wide margin.

Despite being barred from the most recent election due to a defamation conviction, Sonko, a critic of former president Macky Sall, supported Faye to succeed him.

Former tax inspectors Sonko and Faye support Senegal’s independence from French colonial ties and are against corruption. After his appointment, Sonko promised development and improvement. Renegotiating contracts and adopting a new currency are among the things in their manifesto.

Analysts anticipate that Sonko’s appointment will boost the prime minister’s status and give Faye’s administration impetus.

Sonko faced legal troubles, including arrest and trial on various charges, which he claims were politically motivated. Faye was released under a new amnesty law intended to reduce tensions but still had to deal with legal issues.

Sonko is still a prominent figure in Senegalese politics, despite backlash over his views on homosexuality and the controversial comments made during his rape trial.