Stalwart Group

Stalwart Group

Headquartered in Mumbai, Stalwart World is the brainchild of an effervescent first-time entrepreneur Ms. Divyashikha Gupta. It is a group of 4 business entities that focus on distinct businesses. All of the units have one thing in common that they all partner with entrepreneurs to create self sustaining and scalable business models driven by technology and innovation.

Stalwart Group was started by Ms. Gupta in 2009 after she quit a very promising corporate career to start her own venture – which was also her lifelong dream. She is a first generation entrepreneur which basically means that she has no family history of running a business. It was all new turf for her when she started the Stalwart Group. With a passion to fulfil her dream, she began her journey and never looked back. Gradually, she has built a successful self-sustaining business. The various units of Stalwart make it a syndicate of technology and innovation.


Her first brand Stalwart Business Consortium LLP is India’s first and only 360 degree Integrated Sales Implementation organization that partners with FMCG brands to increase sales. Its basic principle is to partner with F&B and FMCG brands to help them increase sales. Its business model includes offering the clients tangible retail sales and distribution solutions to build their presence in general trade, modern trade, HORECA channels, and marketplaces. Under her vision, it is working to build India’s largest and widest sales and distribution network.

The second brand under the umbrella of Stalwart World is Stalwart Management Consulting (SMC). It is primarily an HR solutions company that matches organizations’ human resources requirements to the talent. It has proven expertise in building sustainable and competitive teams for its clients.

SMC provides a range of services like talent acquisition, advisory, and consulting solutions to HR Analytics and outsourcing. It has earned a reputed name for itself and has been a trusted partner for some of the top Fortune 100 companies globally.

The third business that Stalwart Group runs is called Stalwart Wellness. As the name suggests, it is a wellness program aimed at its clients’ employees. This program ensures the all-around wellness of the employees throughout their employment cycle with their partners. It provides a holistic service to the clients’ workforce which results in an increased human capital-output and a generally content workforce. What differentiates Stalwart Wellness from other programs is that it understands the pressures of employees and thus it gives a lot of importance to mental and emotional wellbeing. Stalwart-YOU 7.0 – another Stalwart World’s offering is Learning Organization that designs experiential learning modules and links business objectives to the outcomes. These programs are again for the employees of Stalwart’s partners and are a step in building the workforce for the future. It uses creative methods such as performing arts like films, music, and drama to design distinctive learning calendars for many multinational companies across the world.


Ms. Gupta runs a tight ship at Stalwart when it comes to values and ethics. The brand stands tall on the foundation of its core values of responsibility, independence, transparency, professionalism, and accountability. These are the basic tenets of corporate governance that Ms. Gupta strongly stands by and has methodically imbibed in every business she runs.

The brand is known to keep the customers at the center and always listen to what they have to say. It is also renowned for forging long-term positive associations that create value and impact.