The DataTech Labs

The DataTech Labs

The brainchild of the CEO Dr Amit Andre, The DataTech Labs was established nearly eighteen years ago. The organization today stands for expertise in digital transformation and developing latest technology. They have helped several brands to gain efficiency and excellence through their digital learning programs and solutions. The company has enhanced their services by delivering cloud, on-premise, and hybrid solutions to a multitude of industries ranging from the public sector, transport to retail healthcare, etc.

After keenly observing the dynamic nature of different works, demand for skills, and organizational behavior, the company understood the need for improved software, machinery, data, and robotics. With this, the organization envisions the jobs to become much more distinct and demanding.


Being an exemplary in the industry, The DataTech Labs has also provided e-learning courses and solutions to their community. The company aspires to create open-source projects by setting a benchmark of innovation for socially responsible projects. With their experience and exposure, the company also provides strategic advice to their clients by profoundly looking at the businesses through the lens of artificial intelligence.


Adhering to customization principles, The DataTech Labs customizes the learning content according to the learner’s segment and its mode of delivery. By ensuring the availability of trainers globally, they never compromise on their quality of service at any given time. Till today, over five lakh professionals have been trained by the company’s subject matter experts.


By 2030, the company strives to make a workforce with knowledge and skills required to fulfil the goals and objectives of The DataTech Labs. By empowering different organizations, they aim to make their workforce well-versed in best industry-oriented practices. They foresee a future where the employees will be a part of confluence of dynamic human resources that are ready to adapt industries’ social and digital media. The DataTech Labs firmly believes that the upcoming years of work will be innovative, especially by 2030. The future is all about a revolutionary laws, regulations, trends and change in how customers, citizens, and workers engage with technology. The company plans to build their contribution towards digital transformation for every individual and enterprise across the world. It is looking forward to increasing its momentum for groundbreaking digital transformation along with excellent, affordable, and customized IT solutions for a multitude of industries.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been accorded greater priority by DataTech Lab. The organization’s CSR initiatives comprise free e-learning platform for schools and students. The classes are available on the website as well as mobiles. Teachers also go through extensive training on varying strategies for content building.

The firm’s CSR project is entirely funded by Pune’s Rotary Club. The organization also addresses a shortage of teachers in the rural areas, thereby providing more aid to the regions with vocational content.