Vaibhav Maloo

Vaibhav Maloo

Vaibhav spent a majority of his lockdown days discovering a new passion with the first online course he took from Harvard Business School’s online programme catalogue. This course was on Sustainable Business Strategy which was a self-paced course. This he says,”was an ideal way of learning, sitting at the comfort of my home and studying at my own time”. The course motivated him to take upon more such, in fields of Global Trends in Business& Society from Wharton’s online course catalogue. Again, a wonderful experience, he states.

He took two courses on Global Diplomacy, one on the functioning of the United Nations and another one on Diplomacy in the modern world, which is a subset of international relations. However, his second favourite endeavour was the course from Cornell Law School on Business Law, and it was a coursewhere he learnt more about his favourite topic, other than business, which has been law, owing to the maternal side of his familywhich has three generations of lawyers.

Self-improvement is a key aspect of life and what better than to learn new skills. Online courses and learning have defined the new era way of learning, especially in a Covid struck world. He found time, made the most of it, and even now, wants to continue learning as and when time permits from his commitments to work.

Vaibhav has studied business all his life and has been motivated to delve deeper in topics related to his career. However, with time, and through a process of self-discovery, has been able to proudly say that he does have aptitude for other fields and topics. Aside from being a businessman, when asked, Vaibhav said,”he would love to be in a leadership position for his country to make a difference in the lives of many. It is an honour to serve the nation for anyone, and people don’t get this opportunity easily. Politics and governance are two different things. Governance is hard work and a serious commitment.”

Vaibhav has served in his family business, Enso, for over a decade and a half, and today finds it fitting to lead to lead as the managing director. He has been on the boards of a few companies like Asian Oilfields, served in Tour de India organising body, ID Sports for a year, and has a rich and varied experience in many fields as he leads a diversified group.

Vaibhav has an astute sense of what goes on in the world and stays with times through online news and social media, even when travels. He also reads a lot of books and listens to audio books. Technology, he states,”has defined the modern way of living and learning. Those that stay with times will prosper in the future and laggards will have to catch up.”

When asked about his ways of increasing productivity, he stated,”I wake up early, exercise and give myself time out whenever required to refresh my mind.” Work requires commitment and you won’t find Vaibhav out partying on a Saturday night. Staying in, watching movies and listening to music are his hobbies. He, once in a while, would catch up with friends out somewhere or head out to the nearest Starbucks to get a coffee, a love he holds dear to.

Vaibhav is a typical Mumbaikar, and loves dining out once in a while or order. According to him, everything requires conditioning and commitment and there are rarely any who will fail if time and effort is invested by them in their careers and in away that has an important quotient of integrity in it. Rest, don’t take unnecessary risks, leave aside gambles. Education makes you risk averse and is an insurance to life, to this end, Vaibhav ended the conversation by saying,”education builds character and aptitude and hones your skills. Do not undermine it.”