Chaudhry Nummero

Chaudhry Nummero

It is said that numerology bridges the gap between who you are now and who you have the potential to be. It is one of those ancient mystical studies that lead people towards self-discovery and reaching their highest potential. Following the same ideology, Chaudhry Nummero is making people’s life easier. This firm offers a wide range of consulting services, such as basic numerology, relationship numerology and career numerology, to name a few. They even provide end-to-end solutions for Vastu issues at home and office. Today, the firm has provided the best services to thousands of people.


Chaudhry Nummero’s success can be rightly attributed to Dr. JC Chaudhry’s immense knowledge and practice. He is a renowned numerologist who has been practicing numerology for the past 38 years. Finally, in 2018, he established Chaudhry Nummero Private Limited to extend his help on a greater level.

Dr. JC Chaudhry has authored several books on numerology to share his insights and knowledge. Through his books on advanced numerology and practical numerology, he aims to teach more people about the wonders of numerology.

He has also authored books like the ABC of Vastu Shastra, Prractical Numerology, You and Your Gems, Mudra: Healthy Life at Your Fingertips, and Nature: The Best Cure, to help people through mystical sciences. Mr. JC Chaudhry also gives one-on-one numerology consultations to ensure right guidance and motivation for his clients.

In the past four years, the company’s clientele has increased exponentially. From employees to company heads, everyone seeks guidance from Chaudhry Nummero. People can contact Chaudhry Nummero’s consultants for personal guidance regarding children, love, relationship, career, and even health. As for corporates, Chaudhry Nummero conducts numerological audits and helps identify the best time for investment and suitable names for brands and companies, among others.


The success of Chaudhry Nummero has reached such a level that the company has now launched its app. JC Nummerro App is one of India’s most reliable numerology apps and is available free on both Google Play and the Apple Store. The app provides insightful and near-accurate predictions based on various numerology-based parameters such as the Psychic number, Destiny number, Name number, etc. It also helps the users through daily prediction, monthly prediction and yearly prediction, a better understanding of oneself, the best year for investment, etc.


Dr. JC Chaudhry is planning to expand the firm’s reach by opening offices abroad. The beginning of this journey has found its first milestone in Dubai in 2022. In the future, he plans to open offices in London and New York. But this is not the only way Chaudhry Nummero is getting global recognition. Dr. JC Chaudhry has also launched the Indian Institute of Numerology (IIN) and the International Numerology Forum (INF) to spread awareness about this science. Recently, Dr. JC Chaudhry received global recognition for numerology. He was honoured with the first-ever Guinness World Record for the highest number of viewers on his YouTube LIVE Session on Numerology on 1 January 2022. The event saw over 6,000 participants from the USA, the UK, the Middle East, and India. If the company keeps helping people like this, it is not far away that it will become a top numerology firm worldwide. Find the details below to contact Chaudhry Nummero for consultation and booking.

Email: [email protected]
Contact Person: Vivek Sahai
Mobile No.: +91 9650797652, +971 506731943