Dr. Shalya Raj

Dr. Shalya Raj

Leadership is a trait that many people learn later in life. However, it is inherent when it comes to Dr. Shalya Raj. Her mentorship has been instrumental in the institution’s growth for the past few years. She intends to continue striving for world class education for her students.


Dr. Shalya Raj’s tryst with education began long ago. She completed her graduation from the SDM College of Dental Sciences, Dharwad, and then pursued a Master’s in Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics from Subharti Dental College.

Over the years, she published numerous research papers and articles and even authored academic books. Her sense of purpose and passion for academic excellence impressed the board of trustees of Swami Vivekanand Subharti University so much that they chose her as the CEO of the university.

Under Dr. Shalya Raj’s aegis, the university continues to create new knowledge through research, provide extraordinary patient care, maintain excellence in the classroom, and a care for the community.

Dr. Shalya Raj is more than a celebrated academician and teacher. She is a good clinician, a trained Kathak dancer, and a Hindustani classical singer. Her versatility has made her an integral part of all the cultural as well as social events of the university. So, she not only guides students in academic fields but also encourages them to nurture their artistic streaks.


Her dedication to the environment is also commendable. She is an ardent environmentalist who loves to ‘Go Green.’ Due to her efforts, the Subharti University campus is filled with lush greenery and has adopted innovative initiatives such as solar-driven vehicles, rainwater harvesting, compost pits, etc. Dr. Shalya Raj also started the “One person Adopts Two Trees” initiative on the campus wherein students, teachers, and the non-teaching staff participated.

One more impressive initiative of Dr. Shalya Raj is the donation drive in collaboration with “Unmukt Bharat.” As a part of this organization, she conducts donation drives for underprivileged people where she collects food, medicine, clothes, etc.

The list of her good deeds doesn’t end here. Dr. Shalya Raj has also started a free crèche facility for working women on campus.


Maintaining the perfect work-life balance is Dr. Shalya Raj’s forte. She manages her personal life while passionately working for the university. She understands the importance of physical and mental health in achieving new milestones in life; therefore, she indulges in outdoor activities like badminton and swimming. She also loves spending time with her kids and imparting her beliefs and values to them.


Dr. Shalya Raj leads by the example and has received multiple awards and accolades over the years. For instance, she was named the CEO of the Year by SUMMENTOR PRO. In 2020, she was also bestowed with The Education Covid-19 Warrior of the Year 2020 Award by Asia Today.

She also received a Certificate of Special Achievement, Naari Shakti Ko Pranaam, from Brijbhoomi Foundation. In addition, in 2021, the Arunodaya organization bestowed her with The Influential Women Award for her inspiring journey.