Most Influential Women



Few women in South Korea have made strides as big as those made by Park Geun-hye. Having become the first female President in 2013, Park Geun-Hye followed up the achievement in promising a new era of the government.

She was as young as nine when her father Park Chung-hee became the President and the Military General of South Korea, and set a stage for 18 years of dictatorial rule. He was later assassinated by his intelligence chief. She also served as her father’s first lady during the 1970s after her mother’s assassination in 1974.

In a country still under the influence of strong patriarchal beliefs, being a woman President is not easy for Geun-hye. However, because of her dedication towards welfare of her people, she is highly regarded in South Korea. People believe in her as a woman who has the power to save their country.

Geun-hye has declared herself a ‘President for the People’ and promises positive changes in the government and the country through a unified party system, and through concerted efforts towards a united and strengthened South Korea as a nation.