Most Influential Women



The First Lady of Afghanistan and a women’s rights activist, Rula Ghani continues to be the mouthpiece of women’s rights across Afghanistan. Being the wife of Ashraf Ghani, President of Afghanistan, she utilizes the opportunity and works for women’s causes, and has become the country’s first presidential spouse in decades to be seen and heard in public.

Her views on violence against women, rule of law and power of religion have many a time landed her into serious trouble. Often attacked by her husband’s political enemies of being a non-Muslim, she continues her work to facilitate and celebrate womanhood in Afghanistan.

Rula Ghani strongly believes that Afghanistan is going through a profound change. She believes that she has answered the need of a public counselor close to the heart of the government by being accessible – unlike the previous First Ladies of Afghanistan – to common women and men. She feels her purpose accomplished when she witnesses hundreds of women stepping in the wood-paneled meeting room seeking advice on diverse issues, and then leaving composed.

This highly educated, eloquent and evidently passionate lady is equally careful to state her opinion in public. Rula Ghani really appreciates the socially knitted structure in Afghanistan despite 25 years of civil war, thus making her believe in traditional values even more.