Deepak Sharma


Dr. Deepak completed his graduation in Homeopathy from Nehru Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital in 1995 and post-graduation from Irish School of Homeopathy in Dublin, Ireland. He began his practice as a house physician at NHMC. Meanwhile, he also started his private Homeopathy clinic in New Delhi in 1992. In 1995, he moved to Oman, where Deepak has been meticulously attempting to educate people on the benefits of the stream.


Dr. Deepak initially anticipated a few challenges in familiarizing people with this new method of treatment. However, his determination and dedicated intention towards clinical application have helped him become one of the leading practitioners of Homeopathy in Oman.

To popularize this stream of medicine, Dr. Deepak has been continually promoting it through his articles, in which he explains the significance of Homeopathy in various treatments. His articles have been descriptive of the advantages of utilizing the science of Homeopathy for treating diverse medical conditions. He has also been regularly spreading the word about this holistic stream of medicine through his speeches on radio and by publishing his articles in the leading newspapers and magazines.


Dr. Deepak has committed his life to the propagation of knowledge on Homeopathy. So he has been tutoring young Homeopaths in its clinical application.

A truly dedicated medical practitioner, he has been successful in treating patients of different nationalities including the Omanis and sees as many as 40 of them each day. To promote Homeopathy in an effective manner, he has also been providing free treatments to those who cannot afford to pay for them, and people with special needs.


He is the honorary Examiner for Homoeopathy at the Ministry of Health in Oman. In 2018, he was conferred the ‘Pride of the Middle East,’ an esteemed healthcare excellence award. Because of his outstanding contributions to the field of Homeopathy, Dr. Deepak has also been appointed to the board of governors in the first-ever institute for Homeopathy in the UAE.

Sneha Rakesh


Finding her way through a male-dominated world, Dr. Sneha Rakesh created a living example proving the fact that nothing is impossible if one is dedicated to achieving the great heights of success. This young entrepreneur hailing from a remote village in Karnataka has achieved global recognition with her hard work and progressive business ideas. Today, with her company, Akarmaxs Tech Pvt Ltd, she is focused on delivering outstanding results for our clients through our Business Outsourcing Services in the fields of web development, data analysis, digital marketing, and human resource, etc. She is also running an NGO called Samagraabhivruddhi, which helps rural entrepreneurship by training the youth for free and making them self dependent.


Growing up in a remote rural village comes with its own set of challenges and Dr. Rakesh had to face them as well. Brought up by her grandparents, she had to struggle a lot to complete her education, facing issues with funds. Her primary education was completed at a school where they had to sit under a tree to take classes and had close to none facilities. However, she was a dedicated student and knew she had to make a name for her own. Further, she studied engineering at MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology and garnered immense experience by playing diverse roles such as Customer Support Executive, Technical Support Consultant, and Software Engineer. She started Akarmaxs in 2015, with an idea to promote good leadership practices and provide targeted solutions to clients.


She had been a recipient of several awards and recognitions, including Global Achiever Mahatma Gandhi Leadership Award, Kaayaka Rathna Prashasti, Rashtriya Yuva Puraskar, Most Inspiring Women in India, Most Promising Leaders Of Asia – Economic Times, Top 40 under 40 EU-India Leaders, Jewel of India Award, etc.

Sanjay Mishra


A confident leader, Mr. Mishra oversees all the proceedings concerning the sales and marketing aspects of AICL. Together with his friend and business partner, Mr. Vijay Arora, he set up the company in 2000. Guided by the aim to help medical professionals in times of crisis, the company works towards averting disastrous situations while working within the framework of a budget.

Under his exemplary leadership, AICL has been largely involved in studying and understanding the consistent and endless issues that doctors face in the country. With increasing access to mainstream and social media platforms, which make it near impossible to control a piece of news, a company that is experienced in crisis management is the need of the hour. The medical fraternity is prone to such crunch situations on a regular basis. One detrimental news item can create a catastrophic situation, which can in turn, lead to unprecedented occurrences. AICL has been formed to avert such situations and keep them at bay while providing protection to those in the medical community who aren’t at fault.


He is well aware of the fact that no insurance scheme in India facilitates the rendering of an explanation in times of and after a crisis. More so, when the issue revolves around medical organizations or medical professionals, the situation becomes even more complicated. In such situations, the damage is irrevocable and the names of the parties involved get tarnished. These are the times in which AICL comes to the rescue by taking control of the entire situation. It takes efforts to ensure a balanced narrative, in which the individual’s or the firm’s side of the story is heard.

Under his able leadership, AICL’s competent and capable team of risk managers is fully aware of the challenges it will have to face in different situations, and is therefore armed with the expertise to tackle crises in the digital age. The team dedicates a lot of time in studying the event and preparing a detailed questionnaire, which subsequently helps it in suggesting a course of legal action to the client.


Owing to the brilliant service and its focused approach to situations, the company has received an overwhelming response from the medical fraternity. This has encouraged Mr. Mishra and his team to work even harder and better. They now endeavour to work smarter when faced with challenging situations and continue to safeguard medical professionals who face medico-legal issues in the country.

Jaisheela Padmanabhan

There is nothing more fierce than a woman who is working hard to follow her dreams and accomplish grand success. Young women of today are reshaping the world of business with a sense of entrepreneurship and leadership that is unique to them and is as inspiring as it can get. One such name in the pool of rising stars is Jaisheela Padmanabhan, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ascribe Healthcare Solutions, a BPO company offering revenue cycle management services with a world-class global delivery team of healthcare, billing, coding and revenue cycle experts to help clients achieve their business objectives. She holds diverse experience in leading teams of diverse background, Operations Management, Process Management, Client Management & Service Delivery. The lady is skilled in cross-functional expertise of incubating new practices with an ability to conceptualize process strategies, improvise client satisfaction, and optimize resource utilization.


Jaisheela comes from a very humble background and considers herself very fortunate that she could become the first female graduate in her family. She sees her father as the biggest motivation and support in her life, who treated her dreams as his own and helped her on every step of the way. She also turned the negative moments of her life into learning lessons and inspiration to do better. The many hardships and failures that came her way made her stronger and a better person. She attributes this courage to move forward to the education. Now, this first-generation entrepreneur is leading her company with a global vision and her able guidance, Ascribe has delivered transformational results to our clients in the USA, Dubai, Qatar, Oman, Australia and the latest being Hong Kong.


Jaisheela believes in transparency, generosity, and integrity and these are the core values that she puts in place to run her company. She is not only motivated by profits but also aspires to pass the advantage to the underprivileged. Under her aegis, Ascribe is currently focussing on CSR activities in education, employment, and empowerment. It also gives a chance to all the organization to contribute towards the society, environment and country. Bringing smiles to people’s lives not only gives a sense of inner satisfaction but also pride and contentment. Crafting a successful brand to the point where it leaves a personal legacy behind is appealing and serves as motivation for Jaisheela. Her long-term vision is to build a successful healthcare business that would help us provide free education to 10000 children across the globe.


Ms. Jaisheela Padmanabhan has to her credit a number of national and international awards recognizing her hard work and success. She was awarded the Emerging Entrepreneur of 2016- 2017 Middle East Asia by World Leadership federation in Feb 2017 at Leadership awards and Summit, Dubai. She was also awarded the Entrepreneur of the year 2017- 2018 by MA FOI FOUNDATION.

Vijay Arora


AICL has been co-founded by Mr. Arora and his friend Sanjay Mishra. Armed with a degree in Law and an MBA, Mr. Arora has been instrumental in managing complicated legal operations and other activities for the company.

The company was formally registered in the year 2001, under the thorough supervision of both its founders. They do the extraordinary work of helping medical professionals even while operating with budget constraints.

The co-founders have ensured that the team they have put in place is an extremely talented one when it comes to making the business grow. A technically sound and professionally determined team is at the core of the company’s functioning. At AICL, the pair of directors ensures that each hired member is aptly qualified and abundantly skilled. These pioneering minds have indeed revolutionized the medical insurance consulting field by setting an unparalleled benchmark. The duo attributes the company’s success to a talented team that is handpicked to deal with the toughest challenges in medical insurance consulting.


In today’s world, when all forms of media, including newspapers, digital news or social media platforms are just a click away, situations can get out of control within no time. The team at AICL believes in building a balanced narrative that provides both sides of the story. It is very easy for negative information to do the rounds owing to the easy access to digital news. However, this is where a risk management team comes into action. By researching the occurrence, creating a draft of questions and advising on legal remedies thereafter, the team accomplishes these essential tasks. Although many of these cases can become quite challenging, the team is trained and groomed to tackle them in every possible manner and achieve a positive outcome.


The company has its operations spread across 26 states in the country and has played a role in averting many crises in the medical sector.

A company of risk managers, it has to constantly keep upgrading and innovating by introducing new solutions. Over 15,000 policies being sold and less than 2 percent of cases reaching the courts is a reflection on the success of the firm and its competence.

Additionally, over 1.5 million risk management coverages have been sold by the firm and at present, it is handling 50 thousand Crisis Management cases of Medicare fraternity. In 20 years of operations, the firm has only 2% of compensation, and this shows its expertise & competence.

Tanzeem Chowdhury

A charismatic young leader Tanzeem Chowdhury spearheads Bangladesh’s transition to clean energy. The Bangladeshi economy is on a rapid rise & the country also has a natural gas shortage. In rural areas people plow down land and destroy forests for firewood and burn kerosene for cooking. Small Entrepreneurs are handicapped to find reliable sources of industrial heating fuels. To bridge this gap, Tanzeem uses innovation and the synergies of foreign partnerships to promote alternative fuels such as LPG, Autogas & renewable energy. In 2017, Bangladesh gave refuge to over 1 million Rohingya refugees on humanitarian grounds. They were given refuge near the border areas with Myanmar. The refugees were cutting down thousands of trees for firewood and increasing the risk of landslides in the hilly areas. Tanzeem & his team stepped up to help solve the environmental crisis. To serve the needs of the Rohingyas, his company Omera, set up complex distribution chains of LPG & cook-stoves through setting up supply & training camps. Tanzeems passion to promote clean energy goes beyond borders also. In 2018, Tanzeem led his team to meet the fuel needs of landlocked India (Tripura, Mizoram, etc.) by supplying LPG by truck from Bangladesh for the first time. In doing so, Tanzeem added energy to Bangladesh’s exports, which was previously known for the export of garments only. The LPG exports have helped the states of India to reduce the use of firewood and to fight deforestation. On a day-to-day basis, Tanzeem leads the infrastructure investment of Omera in remote areas of Bangladesh. He wants to make access of fuels easier for rural households. In the last 5 years, his company, Omera, has helped to save approximately half a million trees by supplying LPG to remote areas of Bangladesh. To help small entrepreneurs meet their heating needs, Tanzeem led Omera’s Joint Venture with Saisan Co. Ltd of Japan to set up Omera Gas One, the first company in Bangladesh dedicated to Industrial LPG and Autogas Development. Omera Gas one now supplies cooking/heating gas via pipelines to industries, townships, economic zones, and government institutions. Tanzeem was also one of the key conveners behind the formation of the LPG Operators Association in Bangladesh, a common platform of all LPG suppliers representing more than $ 1 billion investment in the Bangladesh fuel sector.


Tanzeem is committed to helping Bangladesh achieve its ‘Vision 2021’ target by arranging the supply of sustainable fuels for its household industries, automotive sectors, and power plants. In addition to his business, he regularly contributes to the energy & financial media across Asia to spread awareness of clean energy and sustainability. He believes youth education is the backbone of a healthy society and is also a founder trustee of Time International Academy. A school-based in Dhaka that provides subsidized English education to youth who demonstrate financial needs. He founded the school with a network of friends in the Bangladesh energy industry and is actively involved in all its operations and activities.

Haresh Abichandani


An innovator with out-of-the-box ideas, Haresh found his calling after working in an electronics store and was inspired to start his own business.

With grit, determination, and steadfast commitment, he established Haresh Enterprise (now Millennium Semiconductors since 2004) at a very young age and subsequently expanded it from a trading company to a distributorship of multiple electronic components nationwide. An entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in technology management and marketing, he has made a mark in the electronics industry by working hard to meet industry standards and customer demands.


Success in the electronics field depends on constant innovation and so catering to six different industry requirements is no mean feat. Haresh’s commitment towards Millennium Semiconductors has helped the company in providing cuttingedge key technologies, sustainable solutions that serve its entire customer base efficiently.

The company has multiple warehouses in India, Singapore, and China that aid in better facilitation and Just-inTime deliveries. Under the leadership of Haresh, the team also ensures that customers get the best-in-class service and support He has been a constant source of motivation for his employees through hard-work, determination and passion.

To promote growth, Millennium Semiconductors delivers the most dynamic and adaptable technologies. The company has expanded to demand creation, design support in addition to core distribution. The company also provides flexibility in terms of working on and updating the mandates as per the changes in policies.


Through his passion for electronics and in-depth knowledge of the industry, Haresh provides best-in-class solutions and value in the market over the last two decades. His passion reflects in the success of his venture Millennium Semiconductors and inspires many others in the industry.

A successful entrepreneur, he is also conscious of the environment. Haresh has also set up a Corporate Social Responsibility team to identify and help with various issues in society.

Apart from conducting CSR activities like blood donation and book donation camps regularly, he also helps out at many orphanages and old-age homes in Pune. He is constantly looking out for opportunities to contribute to the wellbeing of society.

Minhaj Ahmed


Joining the establishment in 2015 as a Deputy Managing Director, Minhaj has, in a very short span of time, taken the brand to an international level through his efforts towards prioritizing customers.

He has always brought about innovation in the food, while also maintaining their standards to provide consumers the best of processed food. In addition to this, his efforts in keeping upto-date with the technological and culinary advancements in food has led him to conduct several trainings on food processing and safety. This has guaranteed international quality standards in food in a country which has urgent requirement for it.

Ahmed Food is customer feedback driven, and this environment in the company has been brought about by him, with his knowledge of the food industry and consumer market.

His education in business management coupled with him being brought up in a food production household, started by his father, has benefitted his consumers as much as his company.


Through his years of effort, Minhaj’s accolades include The BIZZ award for excellence in quality management from the World Confederation of Business, Texas, USA, and being a member of the Standing Committee of Food and Vegetables of Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI), and also being a founder member of Bangladesh Agro-Processors’ Association (BAPA), being the Chairman of SUB Committee, Food Safety and Factory Development, and member of the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI).

So, whenever you eat anything labelled Ahmed Food, be rest assured of the quality and taste. You’re being served the best created with love and warmth.

Rajesh Kewat

Rajesh Kewat, the MD of FastInfo Legal Services Pvt Ltd, owns a movie-like story; a man who lost everything for his love & attained great success within just 500 days with his innovative business. A man of dreams and conviction, he shows in action how to never stop dreaming


Rajesh is a small-town entrepreneur, who just three years back had seen the whole of his life, crippling in front of his eyes as he fought with the world for his love. He lost his job, assets, and all his money to save his love and the phase was obviously very painful for him. This unknown storm had left him with no belongings but he was not yet completely broken. He carried in him a stunning spirit to fight back, get up, and create a beautiful future for himself.

From there on, he started building his own ladder to success without any financial support & only with blessing of those special people who blessed him in that tough time. He turned his venture FastInfo Legal Services Pvt Ltd into a profit-churning enterprise in no time and today boasts of a wide clientele and hundreds of positive testimonials.


Rajesh was born in Dinhata in 1985, in a lower-middle-class family. His father was an Assistant Manager at a petrol pump back then. His schooling was at Stationpara Saranarthi High School and then he pursued his Bachelor of Computer Applications from IGNOU followed by his Master of Computer Application from Punjab Technical University.

Being entrepreneurial in nature with a vision to support the greater good of society, he started working as an RTI activist while still studying, helping to educate people and supporting them in crucial matters.

His professional career began with a job at Lalani Computer Academy where he worked as a marketing executive for a humble pay of Rs. 2000 per month. For the next twelve years, he worked across a number of small firms, including Brainware Computer Academy, FirstSource Solution Limited, and took on the role of a teacher at Brahmani Chowki High School. Then he joined Educomp Solution Limited, Pearson India Education Services Pvt Ltd followed by Oxford as a Consultant.


Even while he was making his professional career, the idea of serving society never left him. His decade-long experience as an RTI activist prompted him to do something bigger to help the people. So, he came up with an online platform under the head of True Consultant to file RTI applications, which is open to everyone who wants to exercise their right by filing their RTI application at a very nominal charge.

While implementing these businesses, he came up with a new innovative online platform for the education sector named FastInfo Class.

This focused on Distance Education and online tutorial for the preparation of competitive exams as there were lagging with systematic tutorial classes and study centre through

Dr. Ch. V.S.V. Prasad


Born to Late Shri Ch. Mallikarjuna Rao and Smt. Ch. Swarna Kumari in Vijayawada, Dr. Prasad came from a humble agricultural background. He completed his graduation in Civil Engineering from K. L. College of Engineering in Vijayawada. It was in the year 1990-91 that a ‘casual’ visit to Hubballi with a friend triggered Dr. Prasad to set up a highly successful business entrepreneurship, and he has not looked back since then. With remarkable knowledge, sincere efforts and dedication he began his journey with contracts from the Railways that yielded him an income of 5 lakh rupees in the first year.

Today, under the adept guidance of Dr. Prasad, Swarna Group of Companies has achieved phenomenal prosperity. With the company’s expansion one sector another such as the real estate to hotels, from advertising to stone-crushing industries; it has all covered under its wings and marveled in every arena.


With his immense success in all the verticals, Dr. Prasad has been honored with Doctorate in Construction Industries by the Senate and the Board of Directors of the University of Medicina Alternativa affiliated to The Open International University for Complimentary Medicines, Colombo, Sri Lanka. He has also been conferred with the ‘Vanijya Ratna’ in 2012-2013 from Karnataka Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

To add to his accolades he has also been awarded the ‘Times Achievers Award’, presented to him by Shri Parameshwarappa, for his immense contribution in the Construction Industry. His stupendous support for philanthropy earned him the prestigious Kamma Legend Award 2019. Dr. Prasad is also the recipient of the ‘Best Entrepreneur of the Year 2019’ by TIE Chapter awarded by Swamy Ram Dev Baba and Shri Mohandas Pai.