Akarmaxs Tech Pvt Ltd

Established by a brilliant and strong-headed Dr. Sneha Rakesh, Akarmaxs Tech Pvt Ltd is a top-of-the-league IT company, involved in software publishing, consultancy, and supply of ready-made software, operating systems software, etc. The company was founded as a proprietor firm by the name of Vcreate Software Solutions and was rebranded as Akarmaxs to bring in more credentials and induct more youth in the E company for technical projects.


The leadership at the company believes in the philosophy of the customer being the king and keeps their needs above anything else. For them, no two projects are similar and clients are treated as partners in the long run.

The company doesn’t stop at just rendering solutions but strives to understand the unique pain points, chalk-out methods that are business-efficient, and give effective services in terms of cost, operations, and results. On top of that, it offers round the clock support to facilitate them to run their operations smoothly.


With a strength of 150 employees Akarmaxs believes in providing
a flourishing work environment to its people. The organization respects and welcomes every idea from anyone within the team. The people are encouraged to perform combined brainstorming sessions to understand each individual’s thought process and create a united team effort to execute the best solutions for the clients.

Formula One Furniche

Setting new Benchmarks

Embellishing the décor of a place with its awe-inspiring collections and designs, FORMULA ONE FURNICHE has emerged as an industry leader in the hospitality sector. It has set new rules for the sector by coming up with new and innovative ideas that are winning the hearts of its customers across the globe.

A multiple award winning company where people truly care about making a difference and share a common commitment to quality and service, the company offers start-to-finish solutions for every project.

BeSpoke — no limit on options, regardless of complexity

These are individually- or custom-made products and services. Traditionally applied to custom-tailored clothing, the term has been extended to furnishings and amenities supplied to the hotel industry and it’s worth the premium.

Success is a journey in itself – a journey of new revelations, innovations, and achievements. Setting its sails in the vast ocean of hospitality, FORMULA ONE FURNICHE has consistently offered new perceptions of success to the world.

Helmed by a dynamic and creative entrepreneur, Shalini Kamal Sharma, who laid down the foundation of the company to bring revolution in the sector of hospitality, FORMULA ONE FURNICHE is writing its own story with unmatched perfection and neoteric innovations. Just like its founder, the company also has a firm faith in being passionate about its products, and maintains generous long-lasting relations with the customers. Presently, it is counted among the most powerful companies in the world in the realm of hospitality solutions.

Reaching for excellence

Holding a strong faith in the words, “inspire, evolve and endure”, FORMULA ONE FURNICHE follows its vision to be the topmost leader while gaining the trust of its “long-serving” clients. It offers exceptional FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment) products, services and solutions to hotels, palaces, resorts and service apartments in 21 locations across the world.

The establishment has a whole gamut of high-end products and solutions. From furniture and lighting, soft furnishings, window treatments, bath accessories and amenities to bespoke. The company’s portfolio encompasses a 360-degree angle of décor while staying true to the quality of the products. One of the most attractive services that the company assures is its customized solutions service. Through its remarkable innovative designs and value engineering, FORMULA ONE FURNICHE is always ready to turn its customers’ desires into reality.

Their Philosophy: “If you can dream it, we can make it.”

Demonstrating the unmatched grasp that the company holds in the industry, its list of clientele marks the presence of some of the most renowned industry players, such as Lotte Hotels, Singapore Airlines, ShangriLa Hotels and Resorts, St Regis, Marriott, The Ritz-Carlton, Taj Hotels, Kempinski.

The nature preserver

For FORMULA ONE FURNICHE, there are two aspects of innovation. One is the environmentally responsible perspective and the other one is product improvement perspective. Through the former, the company coordinates its functions with lowering environmental impact. The latter focuses more on the satisfaction of the clients offering the latest innovations to reduce cost and save time with zero maintenance collections.

Being in the industry for more than 15 years, the company has always stayed ahead of others whether it is in terms of innovation or environment conservation. It has always been a trailblazer in the hospitality sector, inspiring others with its great visions and outstanding missions.

Apex Insurance Consultant Ltd.

Under the directorship of Vijay Arora and Sanjay Mishra, the New Delhi based firm is primarily involved in activities auxiliary to insurance and pension funding. It is the only risk management company working to ensure working conditions with minimized economic risks and protect the interests of the medical fraternity. Apex Insurance Consultant Ltd. caters to a growing need of risk management in this important niche segment and contributes to a more thorough understanding of the nature of medico-legal risk.


Epitomizing true humanity, medical profession enables healers to reach out to and improve the lives of those in need. But, it should also be remembered that it is one of the most stressful and riskiest professions in the world, especially in the context of limited healthcare infrastructure and facilities in India. AICL understands this and offers medico legal risk coverage by facilitating a better understanding of the sources of potential risk which are so many and nuanced. Risk management has two broad objectives — first is all about identifying, anticipating, and planning for contingency and setbacks; another is to bridge the gap of understanding and communication between the law and the medicine.

The growing emphasis on health and healthcare has spawned a dramatic rise in the scope of scientific knowledge and improvements in patient management, medical procedures, and management of clinical situations. Hence, the need for a safety cover for our medical care providers has emerged in parallel to these dynamics. Identifying the nature and sources of risk form an integral part of the quality and safety improvements.

However, regular insurance schemes in India are not designed to cover an individual or organization on every front. Its conventional role is limited in its scope as it only focuses on the financial aspect of damage. However, damage or loss may also include harming one’s image, goodwill, and career. It is here that AICL’s expertise comes into play to help provide a complete solution to these issues. Having resolved more than twenty thousand cases in India, AICL is widely known for its vast experience and in-depth knowledge of medical risk management. It is successfully working in more than 26 states in tandem with many medical associations across the country.


Doctors & healthcare providers leave no stone unturned to nurture our health and help us cope with medical emergencies. But, they themselves are also vulnerable to instances like being asked for damage claims by disgruntled patients or the families of the deceased patients. The fraternity no longer needs only an Indemnity insurance but a complete proper risk management solution, in the absence of which there are bound to be costs in terms of money, time, morale and public image.

Therefore, besides indemnity insurance, services offered by it also include fullscale risk management, health insurance, finance insurance & investment, medical & life insurance, financial intermediation, insurance agent services, average & loss adjustment & actuaries.

Ahmed Food

The revolution in high-quality and organic food products at Ahmed Food was by coined by its then Managing Director, the Late Mr. Mohammad Ahmed and the current Chairperson, Mrs. Suraiya Ahmed. The concerted experimentation on fruits led to the production of processed products like jams and jellies.

This experimental approach of Mr. Ahmed and Mrs. Suraiya Ahmed, and their attitude of never giving up led to the innovation in food technology. With their dedication and technological knowledge the firm has succeeded in bringing processed food that stands apart from its competitors.


Ahmed Food is committed in bringing the best quality processed foods on your table; the sole reason for the company to becoming a global leader in packaged foods and attaining international claims.

In its journey of more than five decades, Ahmed Food has received The BIZZ award for Excellence in quality management from World Confederation of Business, Texas, USA consecutively from 2012 to 2019; Excellence in Business Management 2013 from Global Business Corporation, USA; and Business awards (20142015) for Best Food Company. It maintains international standards in food quality as per BSS (British Standard Specification) & BSTI standards.

The firm meets the quality criteria specified by regulatory bodies and adheres to Good Manufacture Product (GMP), Good Hygienic Practices (GHP) and ISO standards.

Muppa Projects

Muppa Projects is known for its customer centricity, quality, and intelligent designs, Muppa Projects remains a preferred choice of company for customers. The company successfully completed four projects and is on the cusp of delivering one more.

The projects, notably Muppa’s Green Grandeur at Gopanapally, Aiswarya, Aaradhya, and Alankrita at Narsingi gained wide customer acceptance. Green Grandeur is certified by Indian Green Building Council for its environment friendly designs. So much so the company still receive enquiries from customers for new sales, despite saleout and completion of these projects. Timely delivery, efficient project designs, location closer to preferred destinations, assured value appreciation, and excellent post-sale service underscore the success of these projects. Transactions in the secondary (resale) market are happening at much higher rate than the initial sale price, providing good returns to customers. The principles remain central to Muppa’s philosophy – the unflinching focus on quality and value creation for customers.

Hassle free maintenance and customer centric planning are a few factors that make Muppa Group the most trusted real estate company in Hyderabad. The ongoing villa project Muppa’s Indraprastha at Osman Nagar, Tellapur is a testimony to the company’s efforts. This villa Gated Community is spread over 36 acres, the 300 four bedroom villa community project is one of its kind in Hyderabad.

The unique facilities of the project integrate seamlessly with natural environment providing residents the best possible living experience. The wide and spacious central park is accompanied with multiple sports and recreational facilities.

Guest rooms accompany multipurpose hall with party lawn for family functions and occasions.


The standard of services that a brand offers to its clients and customers also depends on the company’s work culture. Employees at the organization get a satisfactory working environment and value addition to customers’ lives as a primary work goal. This helps productivity go higher as all employees get a conducive environment to concentrate on designing, building, and providing worldclass living spaces for buyers. This helps meet the dynamic demands of real estate customers and build a loyal customer base.

Driving the vision is Sri Muppa Venkaiah Chowdary, the founder of the group. Under his leadership the group established wide customer base, providing employment to more than 200. The founder Chowdary always encourages his employees to learn and implement new techniques of construction for delivering quality projects.


Customer-centric planning, litigation free properties & hassle-free maintenance are a few factors that make it the most trusted real estate brand in the city. Its efforts to make buying a new home as easy as possible for clients and customers makes it people’s favourite real estate project development company that they can trust.

Nutrezy Bars

Being well aware of the fact that the physical and mental stress people face today often leads them to consume more processed food, Ms. Kabada, who has always believed in healthy eating habits, was inclined to introduce healthy snacks that are not only nutritious but also delicious. Her determination to help people start eating better led her to create Nutrezy.


Nutrezy found a large number of takers once it was launched as an e-commerce product. After enjoying online success, the brand is all set to take on the retail market and is expected to do well. Nutrezy nutrition bars combine the goodness of various seeds and nuts. The brand has always been keen to understand the likes and dislikes of its customers.

Ms. Kabada’s efforts to ensure taste and health go hand in hand have paid off. By paying attention to these important aspects, the motherdaughter duo has successfully ensured the continuous growth of their brand.


Nutrezy has a wide clientele. Adults and children alike can enjoy these protein bars while following a healthy lifestyle. These bars come in a variety of flavours like Almond Cranberry Crunch, Blueberry Granola Bar and Cocoa Dates Delight and are so tasty that it’s impossible to eat just one bite. Nutrezy has a lot more in the pipeline and its inspiring founder is all set to launch new versions of the bars with millet cereals as well as savoury snacks.

Priyadarshani Group of Schools

Mr. Rajendra singh Indraman Singh, the CEO of Priyadarshani S c h o o l s , understands that every child is gifted with a uniqueness that need to be nurtured. He feels children between 1 to 16 years have immense potential and they need to be encouraged, irrespective of their socioeconomic background.


The Priyadarshani Group of Schools places importance on experiential learning. Its unique style of learning through the head-hearthand combination has been beneficial for all students. At school, students are encouraged to accept themselves for who they are and what makes them distinct. A technique known as Phonemic Intelligence, which is endorsed by Howard University, is practised each day. It enhances the development of the brain by clearing the blocks and aids intellectual, emotional and social intelligence.

Priyadarshani Schools utilize a method of combining technology with education. The Junior Engineering Lab is an example of this. Along with technological advancements, the school also ensures the well-being of students.


The Group has been recognised for its innovative practices. After being awarded the 6th place by the EW Grand Jury in 2019-20, the brand has garnered immense success. It has also received the ‘International School Award’ by the British Council for 2018-21.

Online Legal India

Founded by small-town firstgeneration entrepreneur Rajesh Kewat, Online Legal India is an innovative digital platform aiming to equip each common citizen of India with legal knowledge and providing legal help via some of the most competent, well-trained, and friendly councilors and lawyers. Registered under the Companies Act of 2013, the firm is based on the idea to equip each common citizen to take legal steps against any atrocity by individuals or corporates without meddling into confusing jargons and hefty fees.

The brand provides services in sectors of consumer complaints against brands and their misleading claims/unsatisfactory services, helps companies in registration processes — FSSAI Registration, IEC Registration, Trademark Registration, and other services like GST, accounting, and legal services.

The ISO certified firm has over 1 lakh happy customers across India as it extends 24×7 affordable services via trained experts and professionals, assuring data security, timely assessment, and super-fast services.


Rajesh Kewat established Online Legal India just a year ago with the aim of resolving customer issues without any delay and complete accuracy. An RTI activist with more than a decade of experience, he laid the foundation to not only ease out the process for the individuals but will also give them a one-stop-solution to all their legal needs. The company started providing legal help to the customers with ease and with a motive to resolve their issues at one go.

The brand’s vision is to solve the customer issue smoothly so that the trust is built between their clients and them. It assures the clients with the best services, which are qualitative enough to create better lives for people every day. The team consists of skilled and proficient professionals who are qualified advocates, supported by great technical and human resources across several departments ensuring the smooth functioning of operations. They provide solutions and legal aid to all individuals, businesses and corporations with easy steps and proper guidance.

The brand portfolio includes three highly competent digital names; Online Legal India, Online RTI Application, and FastInfo Class. While Online Legal India is a one-stopdestination to seek legal guidance and help, Online RTI Application specializes in legal information related issues, both in private and public sectors, and FastInfo Class focusses on distance education and online tutorial for the preparation of competitive exams.


In his capability as the Managing Director of the firm, Rajesh Kewat follows a customerfirst approach to business, analyzing real-life situations with a sharp eye. His conviction is that every problem has a smart solution and it’s on the people who have to work on their perception to view it. He believes willpower and confidence can overcome any challenge and passes the same spirit on to his team and clients alike.

Online Legal India It is now associated with some big names like Flipkart, Paytm, GoDaddy, Instamojo, Naukari.com, Zee New, Google Partner, Republic TV, ICICI Bank, Trust Pilot, My Operator etc.

SHURWID Industries Ltd.

An organization that caters to different industries including pharma, ITES, E-commerce and software services, SHURWID Industries Ltd. is a name to reckon with in Bangladesh. It manufactures rigid and flexible PVC films used in industries like pharma, food, automobile, furnishing, rainwear and construction among others. These high-quality films are non-toxic, free from plasticizers, durable and cost-effective. The company also makes disposable plastic products that are light-weight.

A modern services provider, it delivers all technological requirements including a robust robotic automation process. From a paperless meeting platform to active process mining and re-engineering junction, the organization does it all. Partnering with amarroom.com, the largest domestic travel platform in the country, the company has also made a foray into hotel booking facilities.

Its software system is jointly marketed with Infosapex Ltd in collaboration with Devnet Limited. By providing high-quality hardware systems and the software systems, SHURWID Industries Ltd. has turned into one of the preferred brands in the country.


Quality is the prime focus for SHURWID Industries Ltd. At its manufacturing unit, it has put in place a Quality Management System (QMS) that is based on international standards. It controls and monitors every stage of the manufacturing process for disposable products and PVC films.

The organization strictly tracks quality in not only its processes but also in the raw materials being used for the production as well. By obtaining the SGS certificate, the organization has gained significant reliability in the market as it meets the requirements of the Food Safety System and Good Manufacturing Practice or GMP.

It has a well-equipped chemical laboratory that makes the inspection of the raw material an easier process. The lab facilitates constant enhancement in the quality of products being manufactured. Not only does the cpmpany ensure quality maintenance & management but it also keeps abreast of the latest trends when it comes to quality assessment.


Industries Ltd. is aware of the role customer satisfaction plays in building a brand. It customizes its products according to the needs of its customers & pays great attention to keeping them happy.

The company follows the best internationally-recognized practices for everything from manufacturing & packaging to delivering pharmaceutical as well as food & beverage products. The brand believes in getting in touch with its customers frequently to assess their satisfaction level. It also provides feedback forms to improve its services.


Its high level of ethics, transparency, customer quality, & accountability have made the company’s operations unparalleled. While the organization offers a sense of contentment to its customers by maintaining high quality standards & transparency, it also ensures that its policies prove beneficial for its team.

John Keells Holdings PLC

John Keells Holdings was established in the 1870s as a produce and exchange broker. However, its dedication to consistently reinvent, reorganize and align itself with the latest trends has put the organization on the path to becoming a global success. Today, the company holds a firm grip over a wide array of businesses. It owns hotels in Sri Lanka and the Maldives as well as tea broking, real estate, supermarket chains, logistics, IT solutions and food and beverage manufacturing amongst other businesses.


John Keells Holdings boasts of a rich legacy of 150 years, in which it has evolved along with helping the economy and growth of Sri Lanka. It has endlessly delivered exceptional value to its stakeholders and has set a benchmark as one of the most reputed and diversified businesses in the country. With the multiple milestones achieved in various businesses, the organization has contributed to the prosperity of Sri Lanka like no other. It has played a vital role in driving wealth and abundance through its tireless efforts. With the year 2020 marking the accomplishment of completing 150 years of its journey, the Group is grateful for all the support and admiration it has received along the way. Its stakeholders, shareholders, suppliers, partners, employees and the government are all a part of this triumphant sojourn and the organization does not shy away from being thankful.


The organization counts its talented, determined and persistent pool of employees as its strength. Their innovative ideas and immense experience have been constant contributors to the success of the Group. With an unmatched team of great leadership and a dedicated set of employees, John Keells Holdings has achieved some of the most distinguished landmark projects. The organization’s first-ever private port terminal in Sri Lanka,named South Asia Gateway Terminals (SAGT), is a cutting-edge project that underscores its accomplishments.


The company has an almost endless list of brands under its umbrella.It has Keells and Nexus mobiles in retail and JKL in plantation services. From John Keells Disruptive Minds in information technology to Cinnamon Air in transportation, the company has multiple brands serving the masses diligently. All of these brands have earned a distinct identity and are counted amongst the most successful businesses of the region.


Through the John Keells Foundation, the company aspires to empower the nation. By contributing a minimum of 1% of the annual profit towards social responsibility initiatives, the firm is hopeful of making a difference to many lives. Its focus is on providing value education, health and livelihood development. It also places emphasis on taking care of the environment, conserving culture and providing relief in times of a disaster and facilitating arts and culture.