PARE Innovations

Each product at PARÉ Innovations Private Limited is developed by a multi-disciplinary team that works with the primary aim of imparting a global outreach to Made in India, world class interior products. The team is quite efficient in identifying the innovative global trends of the market and manufacturing a matchless range of products in India. The company is a manufacturer and supplier of luxury and decorative panels for both residential and commercial structures. With the constant efforts and innovative ideas of the Director, Mr. Parth Parmar, the organisation has achieved tremendous growth and success throughout the country, including exports.

Each product offered to the client matches international standards. Under the guidance and mentorship of the competent team, the workforce is motivated to customise all the exceptional variants for export, and aims to revolutionise all Indian products as per the emerging trends and needs of the 21st century.

Being one of the prominent players in the industry, the company also ensures ease of functionality and cost-effectiveness of its products. All these factors make the firm the first choice of potential buyers.


PARÉ Innovations Private Limited successfully established a pan-India presence and recognition within two years of its inception. Today, it enjoys the reputation of being an innovative and high-quality brand.

The Indian market has dealt with conventional products in the ceiling and wall decorative panel segment for over three decades. Still, this organisation identified the need for innovation in the interior goods category, and launched a range of perfect innovative products to fill the gap in the segment. The organisation also has more than three decades of experience in the interior goods category.

PARÉ Innovations Private Limited manufactured three innovative product designs, made for the first time in the world, and two product lines designed for the first time in India. All these products are manufactured in the organisation’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant based in Gujarat.

The company director takes pride in the fact that some of the products are conceptualised, designed, manufactured, and developed for the first time in the world. This makes the brand a true and original innovator. The employees’ hard work is unmatched, and in the last two years, the firm received accolades from Acetech – Mumbai, IIID-Lucknow, IDAC, and IGBC, among others.


PARÉ Innovations Private Limited offers a waterproof, maintenance-free ceiling and wall system. It imparts a real wood feel to the space. The product is popular in residential buildings, hotels, business hubs, club houses, and commercial structures. The products come with a ten-year warranty. Each product available at PARÉ Innovations Private Limited sustains all kinds of weather changes and is known to be all-weather. The flawless designs of interlocking panels make the area have a seamless look.

Additionally, the company has an exclusive range of luxury and decorative panels. It has designed these panels in large sizes with three dimensions to give them a natural look and feel. This innovative and robust product is widely used in villas, bungalows, and prime city areas. The range is waterproof and UV resistant and, therefore, can be used in all areas. These panels draw inspiration from the Arctic ice shelves to the Amazon rainforest, going all the way to the palaces of the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire. Made in Europe, the beautiful blend of advanced technology and handmade components makes it an opulent and world-class product.


AKEMI is a thriving, recognised group that offers bond, filling, and repairing services. It works with the customers to identify their specific needs and then recommend products from their range in exactly matched proportions. The founder of this company developed the first adhesives based on polyester resin and even recognised the trend-setting importance of reactive resins for the stone industry. They provide tailored 2-component putties and adhesives based on polyester and epoxy resin in top quality for a wide range of applications.

The company manufactures product range for cleaning, care, anti-slip, protection, and wide range of adhesive and sealants for professionals. The products manufactured at AKEMI are available in different packing sizes for clients. The team promises perfectly organised services and guarantees prompt delivery to more than 90 countries worldwide. The quality of its products is ensured by up-to-date production and continual inspection and testing. AKEMI is headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany, but its production plants and distribution establishments are spread in India, US, Brazil, Turkey, and China. AKEMI has established a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Bengaluru in year 2011 and Mr. Vineet Saluja, Managing Director formed a joint venture with AKEMI India in the year 2013. AKEMI offer various fillers and adhesives based on polyester and epoxy systems. AKEMI India has also launched two indigenous brands ‘GELOFIX’ and ‘Wondernail’. In addition, they even provide total stone solutions and impregnators, surface treatment products like polishs and colour enhancers.


AKEMI has made its mark all over the globe. In India, at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, where more than 2,50.000 square meters of natural stone were laid at the new terminal, AKEMI supported the Indian airport operators with application technology to protect stone surfaces from stains. Similarly, all bondings on the mountain Pagoda in Vietnam were made with AKEMI Akepox. In France, AKEMI provided bonding and anti-slip treatment on the steps of The Roland Garros tennis complex. AKEMI marble silicone was used for the white Carrara marble in the Great Mosque of Algiers in Algeria. The MAS Museum, situated in the former harbour area at the river Scheldt in Antwerp, was built using red stones from India. The natural stone slabs were bonded using AKEMI Akepox2030 brick red at the mitre-joint edges and window soffits.


A team of highly qualified chemical engineers and chemists work for AKEMI. They constantly improve the quality of the existing products and strive to make them environment-friendly. The workforce diligently innovates to fulfil clients’ requirements. All the new products are tested given their durability in freeze-thaw cycles and breakage tests. The product range is expanded after intensive research and development to offer the most innovative solutions to all the clients in the future. AKEMI products meet all the legal requirements for health protection, work safety, and labeling. The Group’s massive success is owed to the conducive work environment and the hardworking staff.

Considering environment-friendly practices have gained a lot of importance in the industry in recent years, it has become necessary to consider the ecological, economic, and social aspects in the planning and construction process. AKEMI India is proud to work in for natural stone chemicals, which are found to be the most sustainable construction material for floor coverings. It has been a sponsor of a scientific study commissioned by the German Naturalstone Association that proved that natural stones are sustainable and environment friendly.


Elista is a company that has given quality products a true meaning. It is renowned for its world class electronic products. Building the portfolio under the umbrella of its parent company, TeknoDome LLC,Headquarteredat UAE, Elista sells smart TVs, IT and mobile accessories, and home appliances, among other goods. The company’s geographical expanse is huge and has a network of more than 15,000 retailers in India. Led by the good response, it is on the verge of starting its manufacturing plant in the coming months. With an expansive product profile, Elista envisions to put India on the world map with fine-quality, world-class electronic products.


Elista has a strong vision in its mission of improving the lives of its customers by providing them with the best-quality electronic devices at an affordable price. Its vision is not only limited to customers, but also extends to its employees, stakeholders, workers, andchannel partners. The company boasts of innovative ideas by its product designers, who provide electronics with distinctive designs and excellent functionality. In line with its growth plans, the company has taken its first global footstep by launching in the UAE, and is eying to launch soon in CIS and MENA markets.


Elista is a hub of innovative minds from all across the world. It takes pride in its employees in India who work diligently to create a niche for the company. The brand has a combined talent pool of many who’s who from the industry, which makes the company a perfect blend of strong and prodigious expertise and technological advancements.


Elista’s growth graph is consistently heading upwards. The company generated a revenue of ₹35 crores in the first financial year. With its dedication, intelligence,and understanding of the market, the organisation boosted its revenues to ₹158 crores in the next financial year. The company is now working relentlessly to increase its revenues to ₹250 crore in the current financial year. It further wants to expand its wings to global markets, and has plans to generate a revenue of ₹1,500 crore by 2025.


There is a long list of awards owned by Elista. The company was awarded ‘Editor’s Choice for the New Entrant Consumer Electronic Brand 2020’ at the Mobility Conclave and Excellence Awards. Device Next awarded Elista ‘Atmanirbhar Award 2020’, ‘The Best Computer Cabinet Brand’ and ‘The Best Electronics Brand Award’.

The list of recognitions include ‘BAARC Award – Marketing Meister (2022)’ and ‘Most Innovating IT Accessories Award’ by C&C Awards 2022. NCN also awarded the company with ‘The Most Successful Make in India Electronic Products Brand of 2021’ and the ‘Fast Growing Smart TV Brand of 2021’ in August 2022.


Elista has made a mark in the industry with ace cricketer, Suresh Raina being its brand ambassador. The sportsperson complements the company’s vision of empowering Made in India products to excel in the world market with their innovations.

Along with Suresh Raina, another popular cricketer, Ishan Kishan has been made Elista’s brand ambassador to promote and expand the company’s business in the Hindi-speaking markets. With such big names associating with the brand, the organisation is marching ahead on its mission of ‘Make India Global’ with giant footsteps.

Kamdhenu Paints

Kamdhenu Paints was launched in 2008 by the prestigious Kamdhenu Group, one of India’s leading building materials companies. The organisation’s paints business registered a growth of 19 percent and clocked a revenue of ₹241 crore in the fiscal year 2022. Set to grow multi-fold, the paints business demerged in 2022 into a separate entity named Kamdhenu Colour and Coatings Limited. The demerger will eventually be followed by a listing of Kamdhenu Ventures Limited, the holding company for the paint business, namely Kamdhenu Colour and Coatings Limited, in January 2023 on the BSE and NSE.

With the paint industry in India witnessing around 18-20 percent annual growth, the organisation is expecting to grow at 30-40 percent in the coming years. Given its wide presence and extensive network across the country, the organisation is targeting a 30-40 percent year-on-year growth.


The success of Kamdhenu Paints aligns with the group’s vision to turn Kamdhenu Group into an all-solution brand for infrastructural and construction needs. The organisation has always strived to exhibit professionalism by developing innovative solutions to meet the customers’ unique needs and expectations.

The brand has banked on building a solid foundation of infrastructural and supply chain management over the years. The company’s indigenous state of-the-art production plant at Chopanki, Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, is equipped with high-precision equipment with an output capacity of 36,000 MT/KL per annum.

A stockyard facility of 33 sales depots and a massive network of 4,000 dealers and distributors enable the smooth and uninterrupted supply of Kamdhenu Paints’ products across the length and breadth of the country. The latest technology and advanced R&D laboratories help the organisation guarantee customer satisfaction throughout its range of products.

Kamdhenu Paints’ commitment to customer satisfaction has always guided the organisation to find comprehensive solutions in construction that have further translated into expanding the product basket over the years. The organisation offers various paint and colour solutions to serve customers’ needs. The company’s offerings include exterior and interior emulsions, cement paints, water-based primers, acrylic distempers, synthetic and GP enamel, solvent-based primers, wood finishes, aluminum paints, and textured to designer finishes.

Led by dynamic leadership and a dedicated workforce, the company is poised to grow in the decorative paints’ segment, with multiple growth avenues unfolding seamlessly in the future.


Kamdhenu Paints is sensitive to the holistic development of society. Through the Kamdhenu Jeevandhara Foundation, under the aegis of the company’s visionary Chairperson, Mrs. Radha Agarwal, the business conglomerate is walking extra miles to do good for the people, environment and society.

The Foundation is instrumental in helping uplift underprivileged children through education, learning kits, mid-day meals and training in computer education. It is also involved in supporting physically challenged individuals through various welfare camps organised for the differently abled, distribution of free artificial limbs, wheelchairs, walkers, polio calipers, and other body-aid instruments.

In its bid to save the environment, the organisation has launched a ‘Green India’ drive under which its 12,500 dealers and distributors (steel and paints), plant and nurture at least five saplings each year.

Kamdhenu Limited

Kamdhenu’s success story has had a humble beginning. It started in 1995 when Satish Kumar Agarwal began to work in a relatively small production unit and initiated this expedition into India’s steel sector with a single reinforcement steel bar manufacturing business at Bhiwadi (Rajasthan). Within a few years, the uphill struggle soon brought Kamdhenu Group’s journey to a milestone where the business took the shape of a company with a towering reputation in the Indian steel market.

Later on, Kamdhenu Limited ventured into the franchisee business model to bring more dynamism and transparency to the company’s operations. This model serves a dual purpose; that is, the franchisee units benefit by availing of Kamdhenu’s strong marketing network and brand premium, while Kamdhenu Limited gets a huge ‘royalty’ from these franchisees for using its brand name. The company has grown from ‘one of many’ to ‘one of the best’ and has been making vital progress in developing high-quality products. A few of them are 50+ manufacturing units of brand products, Rs. 6000+ crore brand turnover, 40 lakh+ satisfied consumers of TMT bars, and 15000+ workforce. The financial statistics of the company also speak volumes about it’s progress.


The company believes in living up to a set of work ethics and following them conscientiously in every sphere of its activities to raise the brand’s overall credibility. These values include customer satisfaction, commitment, quality assurance, transparency, best quality at best price, and honesty. It has set its eyes on the decentralisation of the production base by undertaking strategic tie-ups, alliances, and acquisitions of small and medium-sized manufacturing units all over India and getting all of them under the Kamdhenu umbrella through QMS implementation, technical upgradation, exclusive dealer distribution network and the stockyard model.


Kamdhenu Group’s focused marketing strategies and consistent efforts to create better brand awareness have propelled it to enjoy a price premium for its diverse product ranges over other non-branded products. The company also takes pride in its highly efficient and innovative marketing team, which turns every challenge into an opportunity with its out-of-the-box ideas.

The group is committed to serving its customers with high-end yet affordable products. Its diverse range includes Kamdhenu Decorative Paints, Kamdhenu Plywood, Kamdhenu Colour Coated Sheets, Kamdhenu Structural Steels, Kamdhenu Wire Bonds (Barbed Wires and Chain Link Fence), Kamdhenu Pipes and Kamdhenu Pre-Engineered Buildings.


Kamdhenu Limited believes in giving back to society. It has initiated and taken part in many campaigns. Under the Green India Initiative, it organises regular drives wherein 7,500 steel-business distributors/dealers are motivated to plant at least six saplings annually and nurture them. The company organises blood donation camps for the underprivileged and special motivational or donation programmes for the physically challenged. It provides primary education to underprivileged children under Kamdhenu Jeevan Dhaara.


Kamdhenu Limited has many awards to its name. The notable ones include ‘The Bharat Jyoti Award for Excellent Corporate Performance – Rajasthan’ in 2006-07, ‘The Bhiwadi Manufacturing Association (BMA) Award for Best Entrepreneur’ in 2013, ‘Bhamashah Award by Confederation of All India Traders Association’ in 2010, ‘Ispat Udyog Ratan Award from All India Induction Furnaces Association’ in 2013, and ‘Asia’s Most Promising Brand by World Consulting and Research Corporation’ validated by consumers and the industry.

Santiniketan Medical College

Located in one of India’s hubs of education, Santiniketan Medical College (SMC) reflects the vibrant energy of Bolpur, West Bengal. Bolpur is the location of Visva-Bharati, the acclaimed university set up by Nobel laureate and poet Rabindranath Tagore. The Bard of Bengal chose this location for his Ashram School in 1901 and eventually established the varsity in 1921 for advanced study and research. Now, after a century, in 2020, the city got SMC, which has been working to reform medical education delivery in the country.


The SMC is India’s first medical college built through a public-private partnership under the National Medical Commission Act. The college is the first one to come up after the Centre’s decision to open a path for private players to partner with government hospitals and build medical colleges. Set up under the supervision of NITI Aayog, the teaching hospital is affiliated with Bolpur Sub-divisional Hospital.

Another important driver behind SMC’s foundation has been the difficulty millions of ambitious and determined medical aspirants in India face while choosing a national institute to study. SMC’s priority has been to become their top choice and help them shape their careers with the ethos of holistic knowledge and service to humankind. The college believes in “producing doctors with a difference,” so that the students come out as doctors who are professionally competent, ethically and morally excellent, well aware of community health requirements, well-versed in the latest health technologies, and capable of meeting global health challenges. The purpose required a host of resources and facilities – from well-equipped labs to the most highly qualified and well-experienced faculties from all over the country – to provide students with an unparalleled academic experience. The college has not only achieved these parameters, but also ensured an environment suitable for their holistic growth.


In addition to producing globally competent medical professionals, the medical hospital-cum-institute provides world-class medical services compassionately at a reasonable cost. All faculty members and student doctors at the college work toward serving humanity with sincerity, passion towards lifelong learning, meaningful research, and patient care guided by ethics.

The potpourri of learning experiences at the college helps students grow in and out of the classroom. It aptly puts its motto as “MANTRA,” the acronym for Medical care with compassion, Academic excellence, Nurturing student quality, Technology driven education and care, Research and innovations, and Achieving continuous and lifelong excellence. In addition, it has hired a team of passionate and skilled faculty and staff to help students become successful professionals and change the world for the better.


The sprawling 25-acre campus of SMC is a self-contained area with complete and excellent infrastructure and teaching-learning resources that provide an intellectually stimulating and enjoyable learning ambiance. The hostels accommodate over 200 males and females students. The campus has the best amenities and offers its residents and visitors an eco-friendly environment with no presence of mobile phones, vehicles and plastic.

The college has an array of modern laboratories with the state-of-the-art equipment, where trained staff assists and guides students. Its Skills Lab is a unique facility to teach students using simulation technology. This lab aims to provide a safe environment for students to learn, practice, and be observed performing skills in a simulated environment, thus mitigating the risks involved in direct patient exposure without adequate preparation and supervision.

An exciting feature of the SMC campus is its unique museums. Here, medical facts and oddities of the human body are displayed to mesmerise and motivate the learners. The museums, such as the Anatomy museum, preserve a collection of over 300 dissected specimens and 500 models and other fascinating rarities removed from the human body, making the place a veritable bank of visual reference.


Within a brief period, SMC has built a system where quality care and learning thrive simultaneously. It uses international level teaching materials and ensures that learning is an enriching experience for students. With a perfect blend of discipline and comprehensive education, the campus offers a friendly environment where students achieve more than just degrees.

Santiniketan Medical College pays equal attention to medical students’ co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. It is crucial, as it aims to evaluate students based on their physical, mental, social, emotional, and intellectual quotient so that they can face and overcome all life challenges with firm determination, extraordinary patience, and persistent diligence while achieving their goals.


Within a very short period of time, Santiniketan Medical College has built a system where quality prevails. It has been chosen as the Best Medical College in West Bengal at the Asia Education Summit and Awards 2022. Dedicated to its mission of building India’s next-generation doctors and changemakers, the college believes that its real awards will be its doctors who will bring laurels to the country.

Cargopeople Logistics and Shipping

Cargo Logistics and Shipping has created a significant presence in the country by providing the most competitive prices to clients for even the busiest and remotest ports. The organisation is located in New Delhi and is wholly an international freight forwarding company. It offers all types of transportation services — air, road, and rail — to clients as per their requirements. The organisation has branches in Delhi, Ludhiana, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hong Kong, Cochin, and Mundra, and is associated with agents in about 25 countries worldwide. It has offices at almost all the major ports and inland points.


Mr. Manuj Adlakha was aware of the ambiguity prevailing in the logistics industry in the country. He realised that the sector needed holistic development. He, therefore, came up with his own company, Cargopeople Logistics and Shipping. Happy customers and employees play an important role in making a company successful. Cargopeople Logistics and Shipping has always been very particular in maintaining a transparent and close relationship with all of its clients and staff. This has brought the company not only satisfied employees, but also a regular clientele.

The Cargopeople Logistics and Shipping team is duly awarded for their efforts, and their health is ensured. In return, the staff works diligently for the company’s profitability and success. The team members do not hesitate to bring up new ideas and keep trying to offer the best services. As a result, the clients get a timely update on the goods and are in constant touch with the team. The update provides a sense of satisfaction to the customers, and the company also earns the clients’ and agents’ trust. The chief focus is on fulfilling delivery commitments within the stipulated time to have satisfactory feedback from the clients.


This logistics company is different from others in the logistics sector because it provides services even in the remotest areas for any cargo. With excellent networking worldwide, it offers door-to-door services to its clients. The use of advanced technology helps the clients with real-time status of their shipment, while round–the–clock support makes the company’s operations transparent.

The director believes in harnessing new tools to become competitive in the cut-throat market. For now, the company is using Google-based services to have all-time access to the shipments. The company’s service sectors in CIS, Africa, and China are still a far-sighted dream for other organisations in the logistics industry. The people working for the company leave no stone unturned to provide a seamless experience to the clients. With every detail of the shipment just a click away, the consignments are picked up from the desired location and dropped at the destination of the client’s choice. The company promises to give a safe and timely delivery of their goods.


Cargopeople Logistics and Shipping has proved its value in the market by earning huge profits in its first year of launch. It grew 100% year on year, and in the journey of ten years, it has had more than 1,300 SMEs with 1,000 K satisfied customers, 4586 M tonnes of goods delivered, and around 50 countries covered. One of the fastest-growing companies in the logistics sector, Cargopeople Logistics and Shipping has received the title of ‘Best Multimodal Freight Forwarder of the year – North Category’ from the India Cargo Awards. Mr. Manuj Adlakha has also represented his company at international platforms such as WCA, and has been a part of the Indian delegation in Germany under the IGMPT Program in 2018.


Launched in 2021, Ednovate was incorporated on the ideology and philosophy of ‘Innovating Education’ in CA coaching industry. To bridge the gap between students and the difficulties they face, it initiated innovative and fun learning techniques and methodologies through technological intervention to help students prepare for their examinations. The Company has a team of dynamic and highly qualified Professors with a proven track record.

Ednovate has become brand synonymous with quality, innovation, and a result-oriented approach. It has set a record in Mumbai by producing highest number of 6 (Six) AIR for CA Intermediate May 2022 exam primarily on account of its focused outcome based approach. The approach focuses on six pillars: (1) Best-in-class faculty (2) Concentrated Focus on Conceptual Clarity, (3) Rigorous Writing Practice (4) Exhaustive Study Material, (5) Mentorship Program, and (6) 24*7 Support and Extra Miles, which are unique due to its execution style, and has delivered to the task and registered a record number of All India Ranks in its first year. The positive results have already led to a phenomenal growth of students – more than 8,500 – in various courses at Ednovate over a course of time.

Undeterred by the difficult times shaped by COVID-19, these professors connected with thousands of commerce students through interactive live classes to solve their doubts and build their concepts and confidence. Working steadily on its mission of achieving 100 percent result in the CA examination, Ednovate has already registered better (more than double) passing percentage than that of the ICAI.


The start-up began by analyzing the difficulties faced by commerce and CA students and responded by developing executable solutions to their problems. The professors at Ednovate are well connected to various industry experts and they bring in practical examples and case studies in their teaching methods to transform students into high-performing professionals. It also provides Articleship Assistant to Intermediate students and has launched Edno Placement Cell for CA students. The objective is to provide seamless experience and make Ednovate one-stop solution for students.


An interesting feature of the venture is its attempt to help student beat mental health issues. The stress of competition, examination and peer pressure drive a number of CA students towards mental health issues. Ednovate has come up to their rescue through in-house counselling and mentorship. It is absolutely essential for all professors at Ednovate to listen to students and understand their problems. An in-house mentor provides customised one-to-one guidance to solve all study and mental health related challenges.


In the next five years, Ednovate intends to have at least 40,000 students onboard across India and abroad. The Company plans to expand to South Indian cities of Bengaluru and parts of Andhra Pradesh. Ednovate also plans to go up the North, parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat by the end of financial year 2024. The Company proposes to offer new courses and foray into CBSE/ICSE (classes 11th and 12th) school coaching through partnerships with schools. The other push is towards improving technology and product by amplifying user dashboard to integrate multiple value-added features.


The Team believes that gender diversity and inclusion are important pillars of any company. Forty percent of Ednovate’s workforce is women and it intends to raise this ratio to 50% in next 2 years aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 5.

Chaudhry Nummero

It is said that numerology bridges the gap between who you are now and who you have the potential to be. It is one of those ancient mystical studies that lead people towards self-discovery and reaching their highest potential. Following the same ideology, Chaudhry Nummero is making people’s life easier. This firm offers a wide range of consulting services, such as basic numerology, relationship numerology and career numerology, to name a few. They even provide end-to-end solutions for Vastu issues at home and office. Today, the firm has provided the best services to thousands of people.


Chaudhry Nummero’s success can be rightly attributed to Dr. JC Chaudhry’s immense knowledge and practice. He is a renowned numerologist who has been practicing numerology for the past 38 years. Finally, in 2018, he established Chaudhry Nummero Private Limited to extend his help on a greater level.

Dr. JC Chaudhry has authored several books on numerology to share his insights and knowledge. Through his books on advanced numerology and practical numerology, he aims to teach more people about the wonders of numerology.

He has also authored books like the ABC of Vastu Shastra, Prractical Numerology, You and Your Gems, Mudra: Healthy Life at Your Fingertips, and Nature: The Best Cure, to help people through mystical sciences. Mr. JC Chaudhry also gives one-on-one numerology consultations to ensure right guidance and motivation for his clients.

In the past four years, the company’s clientele has increased exponentially. From employees to company heads, everyone seeks guidance from Chaudhry Nummero. People can contact Chaudhry Nummero’s consultants for personal guidance regarding children, love, relationship, career, and even health. As for corporates, Chaudhry Nummero conducts numerological audits and helps identify the best time for investment and suitable names for brands and companies, among others.


The success of Chaudhry Nummero has reached such a level that the company has now launched its app. JC Nummerro App is one of India’s most reliable numerology apps and is available free on both Google Play and the Apple Store. The app provides insightful and near-accurate predictions based on various numerology-based parameters such as the Psychic number, Destiny number, Name number, etc. It also helps the users through daily prediction, monthly prediction and yearly prediction, a better understanding of oneself, the best year for investment, etc.


Dr. JC Chaudhry is planning to expand the firm’s reach by opening offices abroad. The beginning of this journey has found its first milestone in Dubai in 2022. In the future, he plans to open offices in London and New York. But this is not the only way Chaudhry Nummero is getting global recognition. Dr. JC Chaudhry has also launched the Indian Institute of Numerology (IIN) and the International Numerology Forum (INF) to spread awareness about this science. Recently, Dr. JC Chaudhry received global recognition for numerology. He was honoured with the first-ever Guinness World Record for the highest number of viewers on his YouTube LIVE Session on Numerology on 1 January 2022. The event saw over 6,000 participants from the USA, the UK, the Middle East, and India. If the company keeps helping people like this, it is not far away that it will become a top numerology firm worldwide. Find the details below to contact Chaudhry Nummero for consultation and booking.

Contact Person: Vivek Sahai
Mobile No.: +91 9650797652, +971 506731943

AMMS Logistics

AMMS Logistics takes pride in establishing itself as a trustworthy, timely, and responsive marine and shipping company that fulfils the demands of its customers throughout Bangladesh. The company focuses on lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders, clients, staff, suppliers, and multiple port authorities. It formulates counter measures for environmental problems and aims towards a sustainable society. It adheres to the principle of profit maximisation while conforming to societal norms. Since its inception, the firm has earned a reputable position in the logistics industry with its slogan of “total client satisfaction.”

AMMS Logistics has become a leading agency in integrated logistics solutions in national and international markets. It plays a substantial, crucial, and varied role in all shipping and supply chains. Through a unique blend of leadership, competence, and a consistent track record of performance, it provides high quality end-to-end services. The company provides comprehensive and personalised services under one roof with reliable and prompt service. This has significantly resulted in its lucrative growth. It caters to the increasing needs of ship-owners, traders, and maritime carriers with efficiency and professionalism.


AMMS Logistics has flourished under Founder and Owner, Mr. Mohammed Shafiqul Alam Jewel, who is also the Managing Director of Radiant Shipping Limited, and Vice Chairman of Bangladesh Shipping Agents Association. He guides his employees using his practical and competent understanding of operating ships to discharge various general and heavy project cargo in the most efficient, safe, and successful manner possible.


AMMS Logistics has partnered with shipping agencies to provide a host of services, including international freight forwarding, clearing and forwarding, logistic services, project equipment, marine survey inspection, and tours and travel. Its trained professionals can handle refrigerated cargo ship (reefer), standard containers, tanks, and flat rack containers. It has access to its affiliated firms’ Container Freight Stations and Inland Container Depots, which are furnished with high-tech trailers and top lifters for handling containers.

AMMS Logistics stays on top of ever changing market trends and pays attention to trending innovations and its needs. It values close, frequent, and particularly long-term business relationships, which aids in distinguishing the company from other international shipping companies.


The firm considers its employees a crucial part of its success and the driving force behind its growth. By investing in and bolstering critical business areas and employees, the company hopes to steadily increase its market position within the global shipping industry.


AMMS Logistics works consistently to gain its clients’ trust. It actively involves itself in open communication and transparent working conditions. The company is renowned for its creative solutions that provide its customers access to contemporary, useful, and affordable options.

With a knowledge bank backed by its local and global partners, the shipping company strives to raise service quality while reducing expenses. As a result, it fosters increased efficiency and customer satisfaction. This also helps the organisation in steadily strengthening its market position in the global shipping industry. AMMS Logistics received the “Bangladesh Best Logistic Brands” award for its top-quality services.