The tagline of MACHO – ‘Bade Aram Se’ not just underlines the tactile value of its products to customers but its pathway to success too. This is an exceptional achievementfor a brand that has been in business for just 13 yearsconsidering the cut-throat competition in the category. Today, it is the leader in the mid segment inner wear market thanks to its quality, innovation & path breaking communiation. Quality products, innovative strategies, and brand awareness techniques implemented by the firm worked wonders in setting up its name in a quickly. Creativity & quirk in advertising played a significant role in convincing customers to switch from their regular brands & try MACHO products.


All Macho products go through stringent quality control systems at every stage to ensure world-class quality standards. As per a consumer survey conducted recently, the quality of the Macho brand is perceived to be the best in its category. It not only stands for quality but also for variety, affordability & novelty. With an already existing pletora of products to choose from, its new collection is set to hit fashion’s doors by early 2020. Comprising of tracks, shorts, & bermudas, it will be Macho’s attempt to satiate the everincreasing demands of customers with its affordable & fashionable inner wear. One important reason of early success of the brand was its wide range in terms of design, colour & pattern. Staying in tune with the latest trends, innovation, comfort, product quality, & new development have always been an integral part of the research & development section of the firm. Keeping in mind cotton’s all-weather suitability for all skin types, the brand uses it to make products that combine innovation in design, quality, and comfort. Monitoring the latest trends, it strives to make the quality of its products even better.


What makes the brand unique is the wide collection it offers in terms of colours, designs, cuts, unique patterns, MACHO appeals to the machismo of the contemporary Indian men in & across India. The best part is that the price of the products is reasonable & hence it’s accessible to all. Along with men’s wear like vests, briefs, etc. the brand also makes available a wide range of kids’ innerwear too for boys. A part of the J.G. Hosiery Pvt. Ltd., a well-known name in the apparel & fashion business since 1980, the brand focuses on maintaining an exceptional reputation in the market.


Having captured the Indian market so well, now the brand all set to expand its presence under the leadership of the highly talented & focused leader Mr. Sandeep Seksaria, Director, Amul MACHO. In his interviews, he has always discussed his plans for expansion of the brand while focusing on expansion of product portfolio & emphasis on the quality, price, comfort, & styling — features that its products have always offered. He reiterates that innerwear is no more a necessity but a significant marker of a good lifestyle. His vision & clarity has helped the brand come this far.


Lapcare’s journey from Singapore to India has been a result of the booming information technology market in the country. However, the company’s journey from India to the world is the result of an imposing vision, a daring but focused strategy as well as passionate and devoted teams of sales, service and marketing. These factors have helped the company grow its presence from the national level to a global scale. The company, jointly with Rx Infotech Pvt. Ltd., has captured a market share in the Indian infotech space.


A company that makes no compromise with customer service yet continuously offers innovative and quality products, Lapcare’s sensitivity to its customers’ needs is another reason for the success it enjoys today. Within India, Lapcare has an impressive network of over 6,500 distributors he firm has been continually expanding to ensure a presence in all the major cities across the country. It aims to become the preferred choice when it comes to quality & nominally priced laptop accessories & spares.


When it comes to a service delivery model that is exemplary in terms of its operations and financial execution, apcare stands out from the rest. The management leaves no stone unturned in meeting the needs of its distributors, technology companies and its customers. The company has always prioritized impeccable service and timely addressing of the customers’ needs. Lapcare works towards increasing market impact and sales, widening geographical reach, lowering operating costs and achieving supply chain efficiencies he management steers the company towards its goal of delivering excellent products and services to the major players in the information technology sector.


Lapcare gives priority to the needs of its customers, utilizes its potential in serving the infotech sector as well as its customers with a wide variety of products in the domain of computers, laptops, mobiles and allied accessories. Lapcare’s association with almost all major IT brands has made it a single-point source for all computer and server spares as well as services. It also takes care of the peripheral needs of the IT sector. It’s services have been perfectly facilitated by a pan-India presence and a highly committed team of marketing and sales executives. The team is ever-ready in the pursuit of serving the customers with the best possible solutions to their hardware-related problems. Lapcare has a market reach beyond India & is now a global firm with a presence in ong ong, alaysia hina he firm offers a host of innovative & effective solutions through a supply chain network of retailers, resellers and stockists. They work towards providing reliable service as well as laptop accessories, spares and mobile solutions to customers who would otherwise find these at a higher price in their relevant markets. Moreover, Lapcare’s laptop protection plan assures the end-users of free-of-charge repairs or replacements of Lapcare batteries, adaptors & car power inverters among others.

Divakars Speciality Hospital

Divakars Speciality Hospital has become a most trusted brand for women’s healthcare. By maintaining highest standards of patient care and offering integrated band of services for all age groups, It has been successfully taking care of the women of the country for over 30 years now. The hospital has also adopted “GO DIGITAL” and has become pioneer in launching Divakars hospital APP, which provides video consultations, awareness programmes for youth and women and training healthcare providers , digitally.


Founded by Dr. G. V. Divakar, a wellknown ophthalmologist, Divakars Speciality Hospital is committed to provide preventive healthcare services to women. Centered on the belief that women, who are usually primary caregivers in most Indian households, often forget to take care of themselves; Divakars prioritizes taking care of these women by alerting, guiding, supporting and empowering women in order to prevent illness & promote wellness.

Dr. G. V. Divakar personally believes in providing a service whose quality is unmatched. This is probably the reason the hospital was also the first private hospital in arnataka to obtain the ISO certification way back in 1994. The hospital has also obtained the QAI Quality accreditation India and NABH accreditation for Quality and is the first to receive MAYATA certification from the national professional obgyn organisation for excellence in quality maternal care.


The hospital is home to Dr. Hema Divakar, one of the most renowned gynecologists in the country and a name to reckon with. Dr. Hema Divakar, Medical Director, Divakars Speciality Hospital is committed to improve women’s health. Under her leadership, the hospital follows a strict patient-centric regimen right from the beginning. Dr. Hema has developed her hospital as a center of excellence for women’s healthcare. The hospital keeps up with the latest technologies & provides the patients with advanced tech support, digital consultations, campaigns, patient education videos for awareness to bridge the gap between doctors and patients. The dedicated team of doctors at Divakars adopts a compassionate & holistic approach to healthcare.


The Hospital aims to be a single-window solution for women’s healthcare. It offers a range of services for newborns, girls & women of all ages. Facilities include outpatient Obgyn consultation, paediatrics, general physician ophthalmology & dermatology consultation, physiotherapy, Yoga, dietician, laboratory and ultrasound services & pharmacy. Speciality clinics include Diabetes in pregnancy clinics, Fibroid clinic, Recurrent miscarriage clinics, Genetics & Fetal medicine, Infertility, Youth healthcare, Child behaviour therapy, & Menopause management.

It supports a woman throughout the different stages of her life & offers a 3-stage package with a range of investigations and check-ups to help a woman lead a life of wellness namely Yuva Care Package

Dyna Biotech

Dr. Patil’s knowledge, scientific expertise and passion for doing business laid the foundation of this dynamic firm, ‘Dyna Biotech’. Dyna Biotech started as a humble attempt to join the growing bio-equipment manufacturing sector with bioreactors and fermenters. Today, it is the market leader in the manufacturing, validation, installation, & servicing for a wide range of biopharma & biotechnology equipment & has an extensive, customizable product range. It has driven a paradigm shift in Biopharma & Biotechnology industries in India & abroad with innovation, customization & exceptional customer service. The firm has been able to get inquiries from overseas in a succeeding rate, & has established a new setup, & designed new products over the years for a number of different sectors. It has generated the business in countries like Turkey, Germany, Taiwan, South Korea, Bangladesh etc, where they are spreading the spectrum of the fermentor, bioreactor and variety of pressure vessel equipment. To cater to international market of Biotech equipment, it has set up an international sales, marketing & service office at Bangkok & service office at Hyderabad.


Dyna Biotech is a brand that has grown to be identified as a provider of worldclass technology and premium equipment at an affordable cost. It is broadening the horizons in health care as well as veterinary sectors by establishing the best product range, which is greatly affecting the API’s, vaccines, beverages, pharmaceuticals products, food, & dairies landscapes, among others, in a progressive and positive way. At Dyna Biotech, every stage of design, production, installation, commissioning, automation, integration, & validation is monitored with a clientspecific approach. These specified userfocused needs are factored in to delivering the progressive customised systems. It occupies the niche of highly specialized bioreactor manufacturing & automated customised fermenter, & has emerged as the brand leader in this space.


The company is constantly striving to achieve a perfect balance between the functionality and affordability of its products without compromising on the high quality standards maintains. The impact of its management policies & processes along with quality execution & skilful innovation & resource management has received tremendous appreciation and success as well. The professional team for 300+ employees including 150 professionals from engineering, Biotech, Pharma and Microbiology Sectors. This committed team supports & directs various activities to help improve the quality, effectiveness, efficiency and estimation of products also observes the changing trends in the market and quickly adapts to them.


Dyna Biotech has been winning over the world with its innovation and excellence. It has achieved a number of awards in the past years. Dr. Patil was awarded PhD (Science & Biotechnology), Business Excellence Award, Company of the year Award 2020, Adarsh Udyojag Award, Certificate of Excellence from CEO magazine, Industry Young Academic Entrepreneur Award, etc.

Vidya Herbs

Under the guidance of Mr. Shyamprasad, who possesses unmatched financial management skills and business acumen, Vidya Herbs has become a name to reckon with in the wellness space. From employee satisfaction to commercial accomplishments, this efficient leader has all the ingredients in place to create a success story.


A knowledgeable and decisive leader, Mr. Shyamprasad ensures that the company’s growth progresses without any hurdles. His exemplary communication skills help him in generating a significant amount of business and cultivating beneficial relationships with his stakeholders, customers and suppliers.

A visionary par excellence, he has been efficiently leading the organization with absolute élan.


The company aims to expand & extend the benefits of nature to all people. The team is on a mission to educate people on the benefits of embracing natural remedies and methods to overcome day-to-day physical struggles. Understanding that nature has gifted us with a lot of precious entities in form of herbs, it strives hard to extract these assets, package them & deliver them to as many people as possible. The company that constantly carries out research on natural products is committed to improving health and well-being.


Vidya Herbs places great emphasis on making quality-based products that could speed up the processes of rejuvenation and recovery in people. The rigorous practices that go into the making of every product reflect the company’s commitment to its customers. Being extremely committed and dedicated to customer requirements, the company ensures that the customer gets nothing but the best in the form of its essences & extracts. To ensure product quality, the company has a highly qualified and experienced Quality Control Team. It also has a stellar R&D Department, which is recognized by DSIR-Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India.


Vidya Herbs Pvt. Ltd. is backed by many reputed institutions such as the NSF, ECO CERT, GMP, USDA Organic, and UKAS Food Safety Management among others. To ensure safety and maintain high quality, the company has a state-ofthe-art manufacturing facility with a fully equipped laboratory at Bengaluru.

The company has won many accolades in the recent years, starting with Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FKCCI) Export Excellence Award in the category ‘Best Manufacturer Export 2012-13, 2013-14’. It has also won the Nutrition & Food Security Award 2017 as well as the ‘Best Agriculture & Food Research Initiative in Nutrition’ Award from ASSOCHAM India, to name a few.

As a responsible and socially conscious business, the organization has started the ‘V & V Foundation Trust’ & also invests in the education of children from rural backgrounds.

Spandan Group

Spandan Group is one of the most trusted names in the Eastern region of India. With a presence in 8 districts of West Bengal, the Group has its diagnostic centres in Midnapore, Tamluk, Ghatal, Kharagpur, CK Road, Baguiati, South Kolkata and Siliguri. The diagnostic centres run by the Group cater to more than 10,000 patients daily.

These diagnostic centres are worldclass facilities, with NABL accreditation, and are popular among patients. They are fully equipped with all kinds of diagnostic services, including mammography, uroflowmetry, 1.5T- 3.0T MRI, CT Scan 3D, X-ray, CV, EMG, Ultrasonography, Holter Monitor, EchoCardiography with Color Doppler & all major equipment, which help in the service of their patients. Having formed a public-private partnership (PPP), these diagnostic centres are proud partners of the Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of West Bengal. A major achievement of Spandan Diagnostic Centre is that it has the only full-room digital X-Ray with LLI in North Kolkata.

The Group has 21 PPP centres with the government of West Bengal, 30 PPP centres with the Government of Assam, 25 PPP centres with the Government of Odisha, & 19 PPP centres with the Government of Bihar.


In addition to its well-equipped diagnostic centres, It has two multi-speciality hospitals in Midnapore & Teghoria. The one in Midnapore is a 101-bed multispeciality facility with NICU, Dialysis and ICU facilities; the one in Teghoria is a 150bed multi-speciality hospital with similar facilities.

Spandan Hospital in Teghoria offers an array of facilities to its patients including 24*7 pharmacy, emergency and ambulance service along with emergency and trauma care. The Hospital comes with single, twin and triple sharing cabins, along with an option for deluxe executive suites. It also has an MRI facility, CT Scan, Gamma Camera, a critical care unit with isolation & a dialysis ward.

Spandan Hospital at Midnapore has 8 OPD Clinics, with facilities of General Medicine, General Surgery, Endocrinology, Nephrology, Pulmonology, Nephrology, Neurology, Orthopaedics and ENT among other facilities. It also has a 24-hour help desk, billing information & an emergency help section like its counterpart in Teghoria.

The Department of Pathology hosts a variety of services including Pathology, Haematology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Histopathology, Serology & Endocrinology. The hospital is also adept in high-end radiology, with a 3.0 and 1.5 Tesla MRI machine, & a 4D ultrasound with Echo Doppler with multi-slice CT Scan among other options for its patients to choose from in their pursuit of perfect health.


What started as a stand-alone centre in Midnapore has now become a group of 72 centres & 2 hospitals across India’s eastern & north-eastern parts. The Group has come a long way since its inception in 1995.

With a goal to achieve a total of 100 centres & 3 hospitals in Kolkata itself, within the next two years, it is efficiently moving forward at full throttle.

Aakash Institute

Mr. Chaudhry is a BITS Pilani alumnus and hails from a humble background in Palwal, Haryana. A teacher by profession, he nurtured the dream of making quality education available to the masses. In 1988, Aakash Institute was launched with the aim of changing young lives. His personal beliefs and determination have helped him in building a brand like Aakash Institute, which is probably one of the most renowned and popular names in coaching today.


Mr. Chaudhry started with the noble aim of providing quality mentoring, coupled with a omprehensive strategy and sientifi approach, to students. A visionary leader, he has managed to build a brand that has become a household name in India. Today, it is behind the success of approximately 3,00,000 doctors and 45,000 engineers. Mr. Chaudhry has not only succeeded in imparting quality education to young minds but has also shaped the future of lakhs of students and even contributed to society at large.


Aakash was started as a single centre with just 12 students, it has come a long way. Mr. Chaudhry’s hard work and persistence have paid off in a big way. Aakash Institute has had a tremendous impact on the lives of thousands of aspiring students over the decades. Over time, Aakash Institute has garnered so much popularity and success that it is now a force to reckon with.

Aakash Educational Services Limited, the Group, also powers some of the other most trusted brands in the educational sector like Aakash Medical, Aakash IITJEE, and Aakash Foundations.

For more than 32 years, Aakash Institute/ IIT-JEE has been nurturing the aspirations of students who dream of a career in medicine and engineering. The Group has grown into one of the leading coaching institutes in India, providing highquality education to over 150,000 students across its 200+ centres in India.


If there is anything more diffiult than creating a brand like Aakash Institute, it is sustaining the brand. After all these years, it continues to dominate the education space by sticking to the basics. The brand understands the importance of imparting valuable education to every student. The concepts at Aakash Institute are specially designed to provide the students with holistic preparation. They are exposed to modern methods of teaching and a competitive environment that prepares them to perform under pressure.


Interestingly, the programmes not only help students to prepare exhaustively for the various entrance examinations including NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER, JEE (Main & Advanced) but also promote school education by getting them ready for the Board & other examinations. At Aakash Institute, students are encouraged to learn in-depth. Mugging up is not the focus, rather conceptual clarity & application-based learning are imparted effectively to the students. Going by the results Aakash has been givng, it surely has graduated from being a mere coaching institute to a phenomenon in itself.

Satra Group

Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, the Satra Group has its operations in diversified sectors such as the exploration of mines, development of agro infrastructure, and infrastructure consulting. Consultancy being its flagship division has grown from strength to strength as a result of the company’s massive geographical expansion.

Since its establishment in 2008, the conglomerate has never looked back and has been moving forward unstoppably on its journey to success.


The company has its wings spread over multiple sectors such as Asset Management, Designing and Supervision of Highway & Bridges, Urban Infrastructure, Geospatial Services, IT Services, Road Safety and Audit. In 2013, the ever-expanding organization also moved towards newer ventures in the mining sector. Agro infrastructure is another path which the company has ventured into in the year 2014. In addition, the group also has its sister companies in New Zealand, which administer and provide solutions in the ICT-enabled services.


Being a large organization with numerous employees and workers, the company prioritizes the importance of values which bind it together for a better performance each time. Team work is what they believe to be the pillar of success which keeps the colossal network well-organized. It strives hard to provide the best customer services by keeping the client’s interest as their number one priority. Respecting their stakeholders and customers helps the teams work in unified and consistent manner. Sustainability, mutual growth and transparency are some more great values the company holds close, while swiftly moving ahead.


With its presence spread in 70 countries, Satra Group has some of the best projects in terms of design, quality, and construction. In India, the New Bridge Parallel to Mahatma Gandhi Setu on NH 19 in Bihar and Visakhapatnam – Chennai Industrial Corridor – VCIC connectivity project are some of the major projects the company has undertaken. It also excels at providing excellent asset management services. With an increase in the private investment in the physical infrastructure such as roads, bridges, etc, there is a growing demand for asset management, as well.

Providing Cutting-Edge Solutions Satra Group has been instrumental in creating sizeable & distinguished solutions; be it software-based or related to asset management. For example, ROMDAS- is developed for an economic & versatile data collection for an effective road asset management. Similarly, HIMS is software in the form of a database that offers asset owners with important data on power distribution lines, structures, roads & highways. Besides these, there are many solutions such as the PROMAN, NODEM, S-Bind & SafeT which facilitate the ease of use & present the necessary data to businesses in infrastructural development.

All of its projects in India & abroad are built up on reliable and sustainable solutions which align with the country’s growth in general.

Shubham Chemicals and Solvents Limited

SCSL actively sources its products from all corners of the globe to provide its customers with topnotch products. It caters to several industries such as plywood, laminates, paints and coatings, plastics, and rubber processing.

Under the leadership of MD Mr. Ajay Kapur, SCSL has managed to establish a strong footing in the Indian market. Owing to his dedicated efforts, the firm is counted amongst one of the largest marketing houses in the country for industrial and petrochemical products.


SCSL’s perpetual focus on its workforce and customers has helped it reach new heights of success. Currently, the company is one of the largest distributors in North India. It also has a pan-India presence having a strong network across Haryana, Gujarat, and Maharashtra. Nevertheless, SCSL refuses to rest on its laurels. With its extensive business network, it continues to push boundaries and forge ahead for unlocking new avenues in different cities.


SCSL’s success is the result of its innovation-led growth across its portfolio. The company adheres to fair business practices and believes in maintaining transparency and integrity for gaining and maintaining the trust of its customers and employees. With its outstanding track record of growth, the company has been contributing significantly to India’s GDP.


As a forward-thinking firm, SCSL believes in practicing gender equality. It encourages women to participate equally with men in leadership roles and responsibilities, which is evident from the fact that a major proportion of SCSL’s senior management roles are held by women. SCSL’s gender-neutral policy has gone a long way towards driving the company forward. The dedication of its senior management has transformed the business from a sole proprietorship company to a public limited company, which is indeed a brilliant achievement.


SCSL promotes a socially-conscious culture. Besides promoting gender balance, the company also generates employment opportunities for the youth. Additionally, SCSL imparts professional skills in conformity with the Government’s skill development program so that novices can excel in their career. Furthermore, it intends to invest in advanced technology and create more jobs to contribute to the economic growth of the country.


SCSL has been honoured by several venerated federations and firms. In 2018, it received a Special Appreciation Award from a leading Indian phenol manufacturer for achieving the highest sales. It has also been honored by Reliance Industries Ltd. and Gujarat State Fertilizers for its exceptional performance. What’s more, SCSL‘s priceless contribution to the chemical industry has earned it Rashtriya Gaurav Award. Last but not least, the company was also presented with Sukriti Rashtriya Gaurav Samman for impacting the Indian economy.

New Digamber Public School

Education is not the pursuit of knowledge but the spirit to keep learning at every step of and stage in life. This thought rests in the foundation of New Digamber Public School (NDPS), which was set up by a mother who wanted nothing but the best for her children. The year was 1978 when Mrs. Sindhu Mendke with great support from her husband laid the humble foundation of NDPS, after meeting her share of disappointments while seeking the perfect school for her own children. As a post-graduate in education management, Mrs. Mendke often found herself in an argument with school authorities for not being able to provide a holistic learning environment for her kids. It was then that her husband suggested she set up her own school to bridge the wide gap in the education system, which she had realized. The school began with a small strength of 5 students and grew to become a very popular name among the parents for its education quality and personalized care.

With time, the school started witnessing an overflow of aspirants and 7-years later, it had to be shifted to bigger campus. The following decade saw a number of bright students graduating from class 12th of the school and becoming successful professionals adding to the credibility of the institution. In 1995, a brand new campus was set up to serve the growing demands of the parents who were looking for a distinct educational environment for their kids and since then it has remained a home for learners who aspire to grow and contribute to the larger good of the society.


A leading name in the Madhya Pradesh education circuit, the school is built with a belief that childhood experiences are not be restricted to academic transactions only, but should encompass a holistic growth environment aided by helpful guides and curious counterparts. The same thought is leading the workings of NDPS even today. The school stays true to its timeless and core principles of providing quality education with a moral base even today.

Here, the students are taught to value the importance of learning, not just for today but for an entire lifetime. The school pursues excellence not only in academics but in all co-curricular activities as well. NDPS runs comprehensive arts and sports programs that cater to the interests of the students right from a passing one to a serious aspiration of becoming a professional.


Today, the school is home to the best academicians and administrators from across the country who are wholeheartedly contributing to the founders’ mission of becoming the top school across the globe providing unmatched world-class schooling experience. They train the students to be leaders with their feet firmly grounded in high moral and ethical values sensitizing them towards their peers, societies, and environment.

NDPS works to equip each learner with skills and awaken the wisdom within that will help them unfold their own destiny. It has its roots firmed in the true values of imparting education and this helps them in creating lifelong learners who are passionate about their skills.