Al-Shaheen Technical Contracting Company

Al-Shaheen caters to different sectors like Power, Oil, Gas as well as Industrial and Housing sector. It undertakes and executes civil and general construction work, electrical, mechanical works and trading.

Apart from being a renowned interior solutions and rental equipment provider, the firm is also involved in manpower supply services to companies.Through its services, the company has always aimed at providing the best solutions and has ensured quality outcomes for its clients. Its civil division has specialized in building projects for the government as well as the private sector including MEW substations, control rooms, process and utility stations.

Apart from its civil and mechanical expertise, the company has carved a niche for itself in outstanding electromechanical, HVAC and instrumentation works. From providing end-to-end electrical installation to taking care of the maintenance and project management requirements, its adept team oversees every detail. Al-Shaheen’s previous projects in Interior Design and Space Planning have been beautifully executed and completed. It provides end-to-end solutions including assessing client requirements and following it up with detailed data collection. It offers competitive prices and ensures the completion of the projects well within the stipulated timeline, which gives the organization an edge over its competitors.


After successfully establishing itself in the region, Al-Shaheen’s management aims to scale greater heights in the future. The company is looking forward to growing and expanding the business. By developing and strengthening the bond with its client companies, AlShaheen is keeping its focus on working with integrity and is setting the ground for future prospects with new clients as well. Besides, the robust body of work that the company has built in the last 10 years speaks volumes about its efficiency and adeptness.

Al-Shaheen’s strategies revolve around its core values and exceptional services, the adherence to which has led the organization as well as its clients towards profitability. To provide assistance to the best of its capabilities and exceed client expectations has been its vision since its establishment. The mission of the organization is to offer remarkable resources and facilities with the help of advanced technology and innovation.


Over the last few years, Al-Shaheen has established its presence as an upcoming and efficient privately-owned contracting companies as well as sub-contracting and industrial service providers in the country. Al-Shaheen’s efforts, to deliver only the best, have been recognized and rewarded at various platforms.

It was selected for the International Star of Leadership in Quality Award, Paris, in the year 2011. This award was given in recognition of its commitment to quality, leadership, innovation and technology. Many awards have followed ever since and many are on the anvil for this growing firm.

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

ACCA is a global organization with 110 offices and centers, 7,571 Authorized Employers, and 328 approved learning providers that offer highquality learning and development.

The organization helps its 219,000 members and 527,000 students (including affiliates) in 179 countries build successful careers in accounting and business by providing them with the skills employers need.


Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, ACCA’s Middle East operations (11 Countries) are managed out of Dubai (UAE). ACCA Middle East has more than 20,000 members, affiliates, and students across the region working in all industries and at all levels of business in the region. ACCA Middle East, led by Ms. Fazeela Gopalani, serves as a thought leader and conversation starter for all things related to accounting and finance. The association aims at raising awareness of the value that professionally qualified accountants bring to businesses and economies across the region.


ACCA provides a variety of full-time and part-time study options. Learning with ACCA Middle East is easy and flexible because participants get to study at their own pace and at a time that is convenient to them. It has implemented significant innovations to its flagship certification to ensure that current and potential members are the most valuable, up-to-date, and sought-after accountants in the world. The association has a strong partnership with regulators, corporate leaders, allies, and the ACCA Middle East stakeholder network. ACCA encourages appropriate regulation of accounting and performs relevant research to ensure accountancy continues to rise in reputation and impact.


ACCA inspires new generations to not only appreciate the value of the almost pandemic-proof profession, but also the significant role a professionally trained accountant plays in building economies, by working closely with many educational institutions and government bodies across the Middle East. It aims at inspiring the next generation to embrace and pursue a career in accountancy and finance, while also highlighting the significance of a financial literacy agenda being embedded at a young age. It also provides insights and tools that enable the next generation to learn some of the most important skills that employers seek, such as creativity, communication, and collaboration, as well as empathy and emotional intelligence; and the ability to collaborate across demographic lines to harness collective power through effective teamwork.


ACCA is a staunch supporter of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. With its ceaseless efforts, it has been helping address the different global challenges the world faces. The association believes that it is through professional education that accountants can help accelerate the transition to a carbon-free environment. Sustainability and green finance are essential components of ACCA’s worldclass credential and members’ ongoing professional development.

Salud Beverages

Salud is a Spanish word, which means ‘Cheers to Health’ and Salud beverages is all about finding fresh new ways for the world to meet and celebrate life in its new reality. Life 2.0, as proclaimed. With an exclusive range of ready bottle-to-glass drinks and craft spirits, Salud beverages aspire to bring the best and freshest beverages to people across the world.

Ready-to-Drink beverages are rapidly gaining momentum and prevalence, and Salud beverages is poised to tap into this demand by combining modern, easy flavours and presenting them in a packaged form that is ready for consumption, starting with its G&T 2.0 range of pour-andgo gin and tonics.

These exciting concoctions are riding on a wave of popularity right now, and the Salud beverages spirit of fine quality and the great flavour is packed into every bottle.


Salud beverages cater to its intended audience with an array of refreshing flavours – Gin & Tonic Original, Gin & Tonic Cucumber and Gin & Tonic Lavender – each carefully designed to appeal to different palates. Salud beverages also infuse its ‘Celebrate Life 2.0’ credo into an entire range of lifestyle products.

Salud beverages’ new summer collection includes easy-to-wear T-shirts, cool trucker hats, crop tops and upcycled wooden coasters. With its niche beverages and exclusive lifestyle products, Salud beverages strive to transform how people celebrate life.

Assure Group

Established in the year 2007, Assure Group has been on a successful journey ever since. Assure Group has been continually building projects which are a balanced composition of peaceful neighbourhood, comfort, security and eloquent designs. This is quite evident as the firm has earned a huge trust among its customers who keep looking forward to its upcoming projects.

Founder and Chairman, Mr. Shadi has emerged as one the proficient young entrepreneurs in the recent times, guiding the company in the right direction.


The group takes an immense pride in the robust team of excellent and able engineers for their innate judgement and customer-driven approach. The entire team, headed by the CEO, Mr. M. Arifur Rahman Shazal, keeps a fine check on the construction materials used and ensures a sturdy quality of construction.


The company envisions itself to lead the real estate sector by keeping abreast with the new-age industry standards & thereby being an inspiration to its competitors. Since its inception, it has been working towards creating better living spaces for the people of Bangladesh. Thus, it has garnered immense success with residential & commercial projects. With timely project completion & an efficient sales team, it is clearly a winner. The testimonies of its clients are a proof of the triumphant sojourn it has had with them.

Shilpa Mittal Jewellery

Hailing from the Pink City of Jaipur, the land of spirited lifestyle and vast cultural heritage, Shilpa ventured out to bring authentic Indian art to the global stage. After completing a degree in jewellery designing from SNDT, Mumbai, she began working and mastered the art further at a jewellery manufacturing firm in Bangkok.

In a country where owning precious ornaments stands for tradition, culture, and status, Shilpa’s aesthetic and wellcrafted jewellery collections represent India’s heritage, and appeal to her growing clientele. She acknowledges that the jewellery industry will continue to thrive with the growing demand for wearing jewellery.


The story of Indian jewellery dates back to over 5,000 years, and every piece of Shilpa Mittal Jewellery portrays it through the designer’s connection with her roots, values, and ethnicity. Her brand employs craftsmen facing the threat of unemployment amidst rapid automation. Her deep sense of gratitude for artisans (karigars) and their works (karigari) guides her business and opens more avenues to provide them with means of sustenance.

Shilpa foresees a promising future for the Indian jewellery sector. Gold is no more just an asset or a gift for special occasions but a precious ornament for everyday style statement. With changing times and trends, the desire for owning and wearing jewellery is growing even stronger and is here to stay.


With increasing demand and high valuation, the gem and jewellery industry is still resilient amidst the global pandemic. Shilpa Mittal Jewellery creates pieces that are a masterful blend of design, technique, and the Indian craftsmanship. Her collections Taraash and Aakriti are handcrafted high-end jewellery pieces that reflect India’s diverse heritage, art forms, intricate details of jewellery designing.

Aakriti, her award-winning jewellery collection, is a blend of indigenous art that embeds its classic design with royal lifestyles, religion, and folklore to complement the Indian as well as the western attire as statement jewellery. Set in 22 carats gold, the collection matches Indian women’s love for jewellery and showcases miniature illustrations on ivory plates, beaded in exquisite gemstones with accents of polki and diamonds. Another prominent collection Taraash draws inspiration from the art of stone carving, where every creative expression honours the age-old Indian artistry.


Shilpa’s creativity in the sphere of jewellery designing has been recognized at many prestigious platforms. She has bagged numerous awards including India’s Best Jewellery Designer and Businesswomen Award by India Leadership Awards in 2019. What’s more, she has received the prestigious Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the National Excellence Awards. A multitalented person, Shilpa is also the winner of the coveted Mrs. India Universe 2019 pageant held in Pune.

Waaree Energies

A leading provider of solar energy solutions and a globally-renowned manufacturer of solar PV modules, Mumbai-based Waaree Energies is one of the leading names in the renewable energy sector, employing over 2500 people across the world. Founded in 1989, Waaree Energies today owns the title of being the largest Module manufacturer in India with stateof-the-art module manufacturing facility of 2 GW. It is the only Indian company to be listed consecutively for 21 quarters in Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s Tier 1 Module Manufacturers ranking in terms of bankability.

Started in 2007, the rand is a diversified player in the solar space offering solar PV panels, EPC services for utility grid projects, solar rooftop solutions, solar water pumps, solar thermal, solar home lighting solutions, and is also an independent power producer. It had started as a module manufacturer and today has India’s largest solar PV module manufacturing capacity.

The company has already supplied near to 3 GW of solar panels till date globally and commissioned over 600 MW of solar EPC projects in India through 350+ franchisees, which is the largest sales and service network held by any Solar company. It is planning to further expand its footprint with 1000 franchises by the end of 2021.

It has already expanded its global footprint by commissioning a 49.5 MW ground-mounted solar project in Vietnam.


The spectacular growth of Waaree is powered by its large portfolio of photovoltaic (PV) modules, rooftop solution, EPC projects, energy storage solutions and various solar products. The firm boasts of being an individual power producer with over 150 MW of Solar power plant portfolio. Its avant-garde automated production facility offers mono and polycrystalline PV Modules ranging from 3Wp to 450Wp for various on-grid and off-grid applications in India and across the world. With a vertically integrated business approach and environment friendly solutions across the solar value chain, Waaree has delivered superior customer satisfaction to a wide clientele spread all over the world. It serves over 5000 customers globally and has already solarized over 10,000 homes in India.


Well-positioned to surge ahead in the global energy landscape with a talented workforce, extensive retail network and supportive Government policies, the Company’s vision to expand globally with cleaner and greener energy solutions will increase energy security, enhance sustainability and value for all. It aims to bridge the ever-growing demand supply gap of electricity, by making solar accessible to all and inch towards a viable indigenous ecosystem or the fir, its biggest assets are its employees who are continually motivated to contribute to its growth with an active and innovative approach. They are supported to share their thoughts and participate actively in decision-making processes and invest their time in not just following the orders but also contributing towards some path breaking initiatives.

Tourism Finance corporation of India Ltd. (TFCI)

Tourism Finance Corporation of India Ltd. (TFCI) is a well-known Indian financial institution, which functions under the aegis of the Planning Commission. Based on the recommendations of the National Committee of Tourism, TFCI was set up as a tourism financing institution.  An esteemed group of government organizations like IFCI, LIC, SBI, Canara Bank among others provided initial backing to TFCI.

Some of its outstanding and consequential contributions are financing building of world-renowned attractions like the Royal Palace on Wheels; EsselWorld, the country’s first amusement park, & Ananda in the Himalayas, a unique wellness resort. From expansion & diversification to renovation and modernization of various projects in the tourism sector, the group provides all sorts of assistance & services to its clients. With an excellent team of professionals, which has expertise of industrial dynamics, looking into the funding affairs, TFCI has contributed immensely towards turning the tourism sector into one of the highest revenue-generating segments in India. It is also committed towards the Indian MSME segment, which is at the heart of the country’s economy. It presently also focuses on lending/investing in diverse sectors like healthcare, pharma, education, logistics, etc. It has also ventured into Investment Banking activities viz., M&A advisory, Special Situation Funding & Private Equity arranger ship, Debt Syndication, asset buy/ sell side advising, etc.


TFCI has been dominating the field of financial services by assisting crucial infrastructural projects. By shouldering the responsibility of creation of over 50,000 rooms to the tune of more than Rs. 30,000 crores in over 900 projects, it has achieved incredible success. Its profit margins have been on an impressive rise ever since its inception & boasts of having one of the highest capital adequacies in the industry. TFCI offers financial advisory along with term loans, structured finance, MSME finance and investment banking services to its clients in the tourism & associated segments. With a host of products like Rupee Term Loans, Corporate Loans, Loans Against Securities & Bridge Loans, it has defined a comprehensive structure for various modes of funding. It has also assisted the restoration & conversion of the palaces of the erstwhile royal families. Umaid Bhawan Palace, Devigarh Fort, Jehan Numa Palace, Khimsar Fort and Chandra Mahal Haveli are some of the prestigious projects in this line. It’s financial expertise has aided some of the finest hospitality giants like The Leela, Taj Marriott, Hyatt, etc. Besides these, it has also assisted pioneering entrepreneurs in the creation of the first airport facilitation centre at Bengaluru & the first water sports complex in Goa.


TFCI has been leading the way in creating opportunities for the growth of society. Its CSR expenditure is valued at Rs. 2,13,00,100 as on March, 2020. From education to sanitation and addressing malnutrition to contributing to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund, TFCI has contributed to diverse areas & its interventions have touched many lives.

Subham Freight Carriers

The company was established by P Sundarraj as “Subham Tours & Travels” to cater to the needs of the business community in an efficient manner. A very industrious professional, he soon realized that more than transportation what many small businesses require is a full-fledged logistic service provider, which laid to the rebranding of the company to Subham Freight Carriers. It now offers logistics service not only by road but also by train & air. Witnessing Rs. 140 crore revenue in FY 2017-2018, the firm aims at diversifying its services across segments & reach the benchmark of Rs. 500 crore by this year while going international.


With branches across the country in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hosur, Pune, Mumbai, Madurai, among many others, it is well-connected by the internet for quick and effective delivery of goods. All the locations are very systematically serviced by trucks of all sizes and types. Subham offers dynamic logistic solutions as specific to each customer based on their operational structure & SCM, which cuts down the cost by 2030 percent. The goods received are safely kept in a spacious dust free & neatly maintained warehouse. Personalized care & devoted staff members are assigned to dedicated corporate customers. It also continuously monitors & takes respective measures on maintaining delivery deadlines & also ensures the vehicles handiness to meet client needs.

Maheshwara Medical College and Hospital

In a short time span, Maheshwara Medical College has established itself as one of the premier private medical college hospitals in India. The institute has a strikingly beautiful structure with stateof-the-art facilities. It is strategically located over an area of 90 acres of beautiful lakes, rocks, and greenery just beside Mumbai National Highway and the Outer Ring Road.


Maheshwara Medical College offers MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) programme to its students. The college adheres to ground-breaking teaching methods and programmes for producing competent and expert medical professionals.

The peaceful atmosphere of the campus is conducive to learning. The campus is Wifi-enabled, has 24/7 reading room, CCTV Surveillance, digital library, and experienced faculties with academic and professional excellence for moulding the future doctors. What’s more, to add to the convenience of the students, and to provide them with effective and advanced medical education, the college provides them with a laptop loaded with the course curriculum.

The college adheres to a compassionate and progressive approach for producing medical professionals who carry deep values for serving the community in general and the nation as a whole.


Maheshwara Hospital has a dedicated team of doctors, nursing, and support staff to take care of the patients. The state-of-the-art hospital has 650 beds, blood bank and radiology services, roundthe-clock pharmacy, intensive care facilities, ambulance services, emergency and casualty services, and a 24/7 clinical laboratory.

The multispecialty hospital specializes in OPD services, in-patient services, critical care units (MICU, SICU, PICU, NICU), normal delivery & LSCS, dental healthcare, audiometry & speech therapy, orthopedic surgery, and much more. It also has well-equipped operation theatres with C-Arm, laparoscopy set, and phacoemulsification for cataract.


Maheshwara Medical College & Hospital is a CSR initiative of Mr. T.G.S. Mahesh & family. It aims at promoting responsible medical practices by creating an “Integrated Healthcare Campus” of global standards to provide affordable healthcare services to the financially weak section of the society. It provides subsidized as well as free treatment to poor patients. To support the initiation of Government of India in view of COVID pandemic, Maheshwara Medical College & Hospital, Hyderabad has initiated “Maheshwara Free PPE Program” to do its part to safeguard the medical fraternity in the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Delhi and has donated 30,000 PPE kits and nearly 1,00,000 N95 masks, etc. to  frontline  health workers.

He has been awarded with the prestigious Indian Humanitarian Award by the Indian Book of Records for his commendable efforts to help healthcare workers during the pandemic.

Jyothi Granite Exports

Reputed for the exquisite finish and the wide range of colors it offers in its products, Jyothi Granite Exports is one of the most successful brands in the country with an impressive global presence. Its skilled workforce is highly trained and expert in preserving the natural charm of the stone while beautifying it with some elegant & modern textures, differentiated by a stunning result. It follows unparalleled standards to achieve flawless quality in all its products & credits its strong brand value system of commitment, the international standard, & reliability, for maintaining the timeless allure of its services.

It is highly popular for their flagship offerings like Black Galaxy, Black Pearl, & Steel Grey & widely recognized as the world’s largest exporters of Black Pearl. It also sources the granite rough blocks from different parts of the country & export the finished goods. r


A solid input ensures a great output when it comes to any business. Therefore, Jyothi Granite Exports, from really early in its history, has invested greatly in its infrastructure & technologies. It has a total of 9 operating quarries in the south of India. It ensures that there is a continuous supply of the finest granites all the time. Its strategic position in the SEZ & proximity to the world-famous quarries, ports & national highways, help to get efficient sourcing & timely supply of products. Its two processing units are fully automated & boast a wide range of Italian machinery. It is a fully integrated enterprise with well-equipped processing units. Its stateof-the-art cutting & polishing units are located in the Building Products SEZ, Ongole, India.


The business was established in 1989 by Shri Sidda Raghava Rao Garu and has been a major player in exports & is a preferred partner for many big clients within the country as well as abroad. Today, the brand has successfully established itself as one of the pioneers in the domain of granite exporters in India. It is the proud recipient of India’s Growth Champions 2020 – ranked 82 out of 150 as India’s Fastest growing companies 2020 (by STATISTA & The Economic Times). It has moved forward with great agility keeping pace with the transformations within the industry and business community at large, embracing fully-automated and computerized stone processing technology. It boasts of worldclass services, best quarries, and granite processing units in the country, equipped with the latest state-of-the-art machinery, making its granites the finest in the market. Following the footsteps of his father, Mr. S V V Sudheer Kumar has successfully placed the firm on the global platform. He has a rich experience and all-encompassing knowledge in quarrying  business. He initiated many quarries, producing granites ranging from Black Pearl, Black Galaxy, and Steel Grey. During the process, he created multiple employment opportunities for the individuals around. Furthermore, his business acumen, vast experience, and his unconquerable leadership skills have enabled the company reach great heights. Being in the stone industry for over 3 decades, Jyothi Granite Exports is also venturing in new era of stones; it will invest in Engineered Quartz Slabs project soon.